Jetways Not Working At KBGR - jetways don't work

Yesterday I purchased the addon MSFS Scenery Builders KBGR (Bangor Int’l) and installed it. I can not get the jetways to work at all. I have uninstalled this airport and reinstalled and no luck. It also appears that I might still have the default airport even though the sim says I have installed the addon KBGR. In the purchased airport there is a row of concrete barriers between the taxiway and the ramp to the gates. The default KBGR does not have this. I do not have these barriers in my purchased KBGR. Has anyone else purchased this addon from the market place? If so do you have these concrete barriers? More importantly are your jetways working? Is there anyway to get a refund? I do not believe I received anything for my money. Thank you.

Hey all. Unsuccessful in contacting developer. I just requested a refund through XBox refund and it was approved. Just a word of advice to anyone reading. Avoid MSFS Scenery Builders in the MSFS Marketplace. This is the 2nd item I have purchased of theirs that was just horrible. Items not working and things not looking any better than stock. The first was the KEWR airport. Live and learn.

FSSCENERY has always been poor. People were mad when simmarket carried their stuff and now the marketplace doesn’t scrutinize either. When it comes to payware stick with reputable established developers.

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