Jetways won't connect to the aircraft fully

Hi, sometimes the Jetway doesn’t fully connect to the aircraft, I can’t send a screenshot because it won’t let me create a topic on the pc for some reason. It does the animation and just stops and connects to nothing? Has anyone else had this issue?

Yes I have had this on the odd occasion at different airports, I presume you mean it goes to connect but is about 10 feet short making your passengers having to do a run up and leap of faith to scramble on to the jetway :rofl:

Yeah this happens occasionally. Most of the time, it works correctly. If you don’t park close enough (up to the stop line) it won’t connect. However, at some airports the parking spaces are messed up and the jet bridge won’t connect up to the aircraft.

Yes that it exactly what I mean :slight_smile:

Most of the time I park ok, but it’s when I load in the sim and spawn when I can’t move the plane.

That’s just a drawback for AI auto-gen airport, sometimes the parking space is too far from the active jetway, that it can’t reach your aircraft.

I always look for gates that are in the middle, or at close proximity to another. That way, usually the jetway is more closely packed together, increasing the chance of having enough to connect.

But ocassionally sometimes they connect to the wrong door. Hahaha.

But such is the drawback of having the AI auto-generate an airport without handcrafting it. If it happens to a custom handcrafted airport. You better report this to the designer.

Yeah, it’s annoying, this actually happened to me at Frankfurt which is Handcrafted?? So I don’t know what’s going on there.

Maybe you parked an a320 to a gate heavy? Since it’s designed for larger aircrafts, the jetways are shorter?

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I think I spawned in at a medium gate.

I noticed this at ORBX KSJC- but it’s important that the gates match the aircraft size. When I moved to another gate the problem was solved. I don’t know if they ever fixed this, but they certainly know about this annoyance. I wouldn’t hold my breath for the bespoke airports to get fixed however.

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Yeah, the same. When I respawn on Dublin airport at gate 156, and when I take a request for jet way, it stop about 5 feet away from plane

That’s because the base of the jetway is too far from the parking spot to begin with. There’s a maximum set of length that the jetway can reach. If the aircraft door is too far it would only extend to its maximum length and that could make the gap.

That’s the caveat of AI auto-gen airport, it can spawn the jetway location inaccurately which causes these issues.

Yeah I know, but it is a little frustrating sometimes but I hope that Microsoft will fix this.

Fly high and safe🤙

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in some cases the jet ways are completely off and move through the aircraft when connecting

ME too! Many times it not connecting in the closest way. Should fix it!

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It’s been a while since I’ve run into this problem, just had it at Vienna airport by gaya simulations. I am disappointed that this happened at a payware airport. I understand it happening at auto gens but this is unacceptable.

Then it should be reported to the payware developer for a fix.


Just turn off the plane engine and try again