JF 146 professional tutorial flight missing

Looking at the just flight 146 tutorial flight (Page 181 of the manual) it says to load the just flight tutorial flight from “saved flights” in the normal fashion. On following the instructions and loading saved flights “from this PC” it seems there is no just flight tutorial flight present as the manual says there should be. Has anyone any ideas please?

I dont have the aircraft but have you tried browsing to the BAE installation folder? I know one of the aircraft I bought had a documents folder with it and a test flight was in there.

Just a guess!

It is indeed missing from the installation.

JF forgot to include it - will be in the next update

I’ve created one last night to fly it. Let me know if that works :slight_smile:

EGJJEGGP.pln (3.1 KB)

(please note that this flight plan starts on the runway, if you want cold and dark state, select a gate/parking location from EGJJ first )

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It’s better to do the tutorial without flight plan.
Just follow instructions in the pdf et voilà !

Apologies for the missing files. As above you can easily create your own flight, but we will be adding the files in the next update.

Martyn - Just Flight

Thanks but I’ve now had it confirmed from JF that it is indeed missing and will be included in the next update. Excellent customer support service from Just Flight as always and they were kind enough to send me the .plan and .flt files in advance :+1::+1:

Still not there.

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yep still not there for steam
can we sort this please JF

Are you referring to the Marketplace version? The tutorial files are already included in our latest version but we’re waiting for Microsoft to process that for the Marketplace.

Martyn - Just Flight

Hi, just to be clear, the issue was solved by Just Flight just after my original post. They not only very kindly sent me the tutorial file, but made clear it will be included in a future update which I believe it has been. Thanks to just flight for yet again a great product, the best one yet in my view. Kind regards.

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