JF Piper arrow III, fuel pump control assignment issue

I found the SimConnect event for it:


I had no luck with an LVAR though, but fortunately this one is a simple “0” or “1”.

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Hello, does anyone know how to bind the fuel pump to a button with axis and ohs ?

@hobanagerik Cheers, now all I need is a button panel with more rotary switches, to accomodate all the rotary switches for incremental lighting and such :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:

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I don’t own one, but some users are getting good use of a Behringer X Touch midi controller. I believe that’s the device:

It has a number of rotaries, and buttons. FSUIPC was the focus of the thread for this device, but I think the version of SPAD that can talk to the Elgato Streamdecks can also talk to it, but don’t take that as gospel.

Thanks, I have never heard of those panels, I have bookmarked them :slight_smile: I have been looking at virpil products, both the panels (including rotary switches), and their flight sticks. But, they are not cheap!

The current version of the Arrow should have fixed it according to the change log.

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