JFK Landing Challenge (with Prizes!)

It’s time for another landing challenge! In our flight group, we pretty much fly GA aircrafts, but this challenge is different!

Can you land the jumbo jet? The whale? Yes, you’ll be trying to land the Boeing 747 at JFK! If you can score the highest, you’ll win a nice prize from our title sponsor Drzewiecki Design! They are the makers of the Moscow Landmarks, Washington, DC Landmarks and their latest one, Seattle Landmarks. The winner will receive a copy of the Seattle Landmarks pack for MSFS. If there is a tie for the highest score, the winner will be drawn from the top score.

Don’t think you can top the leaderboard? Don’t worry, there will be a draw with the *remaining entries for a digital $10 CAD Steam Gift Card!

*remaining entries = members who have submitted an eligible scorecard

All the details, including the rules, score submission, and leaderboard, can be found on our Discord under the “Landing Challenge” category of channels. Please read the #read-first channel first before making a submission. Discord link -> https://discord.gg/r5tmFRs

Landing challenge runs until Sun Dec 13th at 23:59 GMT.

**Scores submitted here will not count.