Joint Base Andrews (KADW): Grass on the flight line

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Grass on the flight line at KADW

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After landing at KADW the grass on the flight line appears

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I checked it and more exact report would be, that there is only a very small area where seemingly grass is rendered in parking area.

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Just out of curiosity, do you use Zinertek’s Enhanced Airport Graphics? My airport looks like your screenshot and not the OP’s (and I use Zinertek).

I have no add-ons installed , also no payware nearby these airport… its plain/vanilla MSFS :slight_smile:

I assume the screenshot from OP is only a zoomed part of what we see in my screenshots. The only thing I wonder was, that the grass was in may case is not as high as in OPs pictures ( there is more a green beton and some small areas with real grass ) and e.g. these ‘picture of the airplane on ground’ - but guess is some kind of details level, similar to details on building.
My assumption is: if the OP zoom more out, its the same small ‘green’ area affected only ( ref. point is these tower left ).

here’s a closer shot:

PS: unfortunately the image size-reducing algorithm halved my 3840x1600 resolution which hides a lot of details ( beside of the compression ).

Gotcha. Thanks!