Jorg Neumann's Q&A response to regression bugs

He’s asked for examples (as per the quote), seeing as VR suffers badly from ignored regression bugs I’ll list them here then hopefully it’ll show him once and for all that they go unfixed and in many cases for far too long; (listed next post)

Why are Bugs Introduced by the Beta Not Prioritized
Jayne - Great. Thanks, Martial! The last question we have on this list here is, “Why are some regressions, bugs and problems that show up in a beta…why aren’t they a high priority when brought on for the next beta update?”

Jorg - Oh, they are. I think that’s a misperception. I mean, that’s exactly what we do. You guys write us feedback. There’s lots of people obsessing on the feedback, we triage it. And then we re-prioritize. As you see, like, we just moved Sim Update 10 for that exact, precise reason. Because some people have real performance issues. It’s not every machine, it’s just some. We have a pretty elaborate hardware lab where we actually test these things. And it showed some interesting results. And some of it has to do with Nvidia, as we talked about earlier. Some of it has to do with other things. But we are absolutely – I mean, why else do a beta? We’re not ignoring anything. And we’re doing our best to prioritize it. Now at some point, if you keep adding completely new things, new features, then you’re never going to get done. But I think we are – I’d love to hear more specifics where somebody thinks we didn’t do that.


@Jummivana (PM sent) Jorg asked for examples, please pass these on, thank you.

SU10 Regression found in beta immediately, not fixed for public release;

Engine shut down issues in VR, partial regression from removing the Logbook popping up;

SU7 Regressions not fully fixed;

SU7 Regression bug not fully fixed;

SU5 Regression to graphics;


VR menu option ‘Global Rendering Quality’ went blank half way through SU10 Beta testing and was not resolved before the release.


I see you have listed it.


Yes listed, it was from the very beginning of beta.

Any others post them here and I’ll add them to the second post :+1:t4:

Hi MarkWithers2006,

I think the not remembering ‘Panel Size’ is SU10 but the ‘Panel position’ is SU7

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SU10 regressions reported during beta, never fixed:

Omg I thought I was going crazy, I haven’t been able to change this su10 hahhaa

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