Joystick 1/2 working Restart Bush Trip - Patagonia

this is the exact issue I am having too – " I’ll start a bush trip and have time to do a leg or two. I’ll land, complete the leg, and quit out. When I go back to the game and try and continue, my joystick only halfway works. All the camera buttons and controls work on it, but none of the flight control inputs work. It’s done it to me on both the Patagonia and West Coast bush trips. I can’t seem to continue any of them if I ever quit out because of this bug. If I go back to the main menu and start a new bush trip or something from the main map, the joystick works again."

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+1 for me too

This happens with the xbox controller too. Camera parts function but plane controls do not. When you exit to get it to work, the Bush Trips reset to leg one with all progress lost.

Same with me:

I’ve submitted a bug report. They say they know about it.

I figured out a workaround.
Don’t exit the game at the end of a leg.
Exit while flying and when you come back it’ll load the controls correctly.

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