Joystick assignments

After latest update I lost all joystick actions! Assignments show up but do not interact with sim! Also noticed silly tips for releasing breaks, closing yoke,…,.! Nothing even works in cockpit with mouse! It does, however, light up when mouse is hovering! Silly! What kind of nuts is this? A perfectly working sim and now the upgrade jams everything up! Thought this nonsense was over? Noticed control panel assignments on button interface now do not respond when assigned key is pressed! Come on folks!

Go to options menu > General Options > accessibility > change cockpit interaction system to legacy.

Did not work. Mouse, as well, will not even shut off yoke view! Like I said, when you go to control options you see all assignments, but they do not highlight when joy button is pressed, as they had been working!

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Let me try win updates? You never know what to do to fix the issue?

Win update did not fix!

Button box interface assignments no longer respond to inputs

All joy inputs work in device manager!

All I can say is the joy assignments have changed! Can we ge updates that do not screw up hours of work?


Rudder no longer works but appears to be fine in control assignments. breaks continue to work. Throttle movement in cockpit no longer shows axis movements. But seems to work? Cockpit functions no longer respond to mouse click. Get a blue highlight?

Also lost front wheel steering. This is a setting some where?

i am with you, since the update my joystick mapping is all over the place, when trying to re-config i press one button and it recognises another, in cockpit mouse interations do not work its a right mess, ive tried everything its something on their side and just going to have to wait for a fix :see_no_evil:


How about a fix developers?

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Glad I’m not the only one! I have numerous usb controllers assigned! Does your cockpit respond to mouse? All of my cockpit hardware turns blue when mouse hovering over it!

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Well, Jfry, let me. Know if you see anything that helps! We built a complete Citation Longitude around this software so it is very frustrating when something like this happens! One day they will have a top of the line package!


I am slowly recovering! Looks like latest update changed my rudder assignments along with some other ones!

You need to go to General Options β†’ Accessibility β†’ Cockpit Interaction. Set this to Legacy. It’s also detailed this on the Release Notes.

Did this

Have lost ice protection, ext power, and a few other functions. none of the cockpit anti ice switches work. They did and were assigned?

Still trying to fix this

Throttles work but no movement in cockpit. Rudder assignments changed with update but now back to norm!

Also notice all ext lights in overhead do not work from cockpit view? So many cockpit functions stopped working?

They work outside aircraft but led on button no longer works?

Now noticed that airport buildings missing at kiss. This is after I updated everything this morning!