Joystick calibration off center

How often must you calibrate your Joystick? Must you do it every time you start the flight sim? Often my Joystick goes out of center. See photo. Is this normal?

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Its only 3 months old Joystick by the way.

If you, after loading your flight, move your joystick to all the axis limits, it auto-calibrates the device. So there is no need to calibrate through the software.

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I have the same joystick and it did the dame thing to me.
There are several videos on youtube about cleaning the potentiometers in the base of the joystick. Also thrustmaster is usually responsive to support requests.

I saw the video about cleaning the base of it, but to be honest its so complicated and if you are not good in dismantling things then you run the risk of damaging it for ever. Besides my stick is only a few months old…

if that the default of your stick i would get a replacement…

No no its not the default, but sometimes it goes there and I have to move the joystick to get it to center.

This is going to depend on the hardware.
When I first started out I recall that I went through that calibration process either through windows or the vendors own software a lot more frequently.

Since upgrading to Virpil a couple of years ago I think I’ve probably only calibrated once during initial set up and it’s stayed exactly the same since.

I would definitely recommend looking to the more boutique manufacturers like Virpil, VKB, WinWing or Honeycomb if you are looking to upgrade in the future.
Lots of good resources to find reviews and opinion. R/hotas being a good place to start.

Not sure if this is of any help with your problems but I posted this a while back on issues I had with my Hotas.

I get the impression the quality of the potentiometers in the thrustmaster sticks is pretty poor, mine were forever spiking and I ended up with such high deadzones to get round them I hardly had any usable movement left.
And as I mentioned in the post I needed to remove the thrustmaster software to get access to the windows calibration option.

I’ve since moved on to a Honeycomb alpha but still use the hotas for the throttle and as a set of extra buttons I can assign

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