Joystick controls are terrible

I have a Cyborg X joystick. The game doesn’t recognize it but that shouldn’t be the problem.

I have adjusted sensitivity to all points along the scale. Nothing helps.

I move my joystick less than halfway in any given direction and the game slams the controls to their limit. I hold my joystick in a particular direction and the controls stutter back and forth. Flying with the joystick is simply impossible. I can open up my DCS flight simulator game and it handles my joystick like you’d expect.

Any ideas?

It sounds like you have assigned your joystick axis to digital inputs (buttons) in the control assignments.
Check your joystick x and y axis assignments are assigned as elevator axis and aileron axis. If they are currently labelled just elevator and aileron then you have set them as buttons - read the description to the right of the screen.
Also make sure the “filter” under controls ( left side of screen) is set to ALL.

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Hi I have the same joystick and the same problem. I follow your advice and the problem persists. The joystick was fine with fsx and work fine in elite dangerous. Hust moving it to the left or right causes the plane to lose control as if I am pressing a say the 6 or 5 key repeatedly. It doesn’t seem to know that I want an analogue response not a digital one. Any more ideas please?

Did you succeed? I am in the same boat.