Joystick loss


Since several weeks ago, MSFS 2020 FBW looses my Joystick. That happens on ground or inflight.
The only way to correct that is to unplug the USB connection, and plug it again…

Do you have the same problem ?
Thank you. Alain, from France

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have you already tried to disable the usb energy saveing mode ?

edit: I found also this discussion Thrustmaster TFRP rudder pedals disconnecting

Great idea! I didn’t think about that… I’ll try tomorrow morning, and will tell you. Many thanks anyway! Alain

I was having the same problem a few days ago with the Steam PC edition. I plugged my joystick (Extreme 3D Pro) into a USB 3 outlet. Seems to work better than the standard port it was on. It seems to be working for now.

Thanks for the idea. On my PC MSI, I only have USB 3.2. But I will check that (drivers, etc.)

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Well I’m back again with the joystick disconnect. I’ve turned off the power saver feature on the USB ports. When the joystick disconnects I also cannot change the simulator rate speed (X2 X4 X8 etc) from the keyboard. I’ve plugged into a USB 3 port and a USB 2 port and have the same issue.

I get a constant disconnect about 1 mile north of YELL airport in the Australian outback,