Joystick not really working properly

I got a SpeedLink Black Widow joystick, which I have been using for many many years, FS2020 is the only game I have had issues with it.

First of all when I start the game, there are no presets like in every other Simulator game I’ve played.
When I finally set everything up, I keep running into one hurdle after another. Now I have the issue of the aircraft wants to force its nose towards the ground even when I’m not touching the ■■■■ thing and I can’t seem to be able to pull back on the stick without the controls try to push the nose down meaning it’s becoming one hell of a bumpy ride for the passengers.



How did you managed to assign axis and buttons to your joystick? I have an old Microsoft SideWinder that I have been using for 20 years. It is recognized in the “Joystick” section but I can’t see any buttons or axis for it.


I think I know what’s wrong.

Apparently for some weird reason, some aircrafts sometimes decides automatically to turn the pitch wheel all the way down, but as soon as I have turned it back and let go, it rolls all the way back. And I have not assigned a key or button or anything for the pitchwheel.

I have exact same issue, Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro. Can’t get it to map to anything on control menu.

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It turns out the solution was rather simple. On the left side of the settings, change the filter to “ALL” instead of “ASSIGNED”. Not sure why it defaults to that, but it’s quite a bad design decision imho.

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I think your problem is trim. You need to adjust your trim depending on throttle etc. Numpad 7 pushes the nose down and Numpad 1 pushes it up. I’ve assigned them to buttons on my stick. When using the external view you can see the level of trim that is set.

I also have the Black Widow, I first installed the BW drivers and nothing worked in the flight sim (couldn’t map the controls either). Now am using the standard Windows drivers and was able to at least map the controls, but the joystick is extremely unusable. Have turned sensitivity all the way down but still unflyable. Too sensitive and it seems it’s sticks, i.e. bank left and it’s either nothing or full left, so just generally crashing straight after take off.

Have you installed the BW driver or not?

Pity, was really looking forward to flying this evening.


I binded the Center Aileron, Aileron Axis, Elevator Axis and Rudder axis. That way it doesn’t lock the yoke or stick ingame to full bank left or right, but let go of the steering when your joystick re-centers.

For the throttle I bind my joyaticks throttle to Throttle axis. That way It’s not going either full power or full reverse.

It has taken me the whole day to fine calibrate everything.

What did you bind the Center Aileron to? Can you maybe share a screenshot of your bindings?

And is it working okay now?

I can change to ALL, but F11 will not save the setings

There you go.

I just binded center aileron to the same axis on the joystick as the ailerons axis. I dunno if it does anything different, but it works for me. :slight_smile:

There should come a little bar right under it when you have binded it, so you can see how much movement there is when you turn up, left down etc. on your joystic. So ailerons should respond to left and right and elevator for up and down movements.


Much appreciated! Did you tweak the sensitivities as well?

I have the same issue. My is Microsft SideWinder Force Feedback 2 and FS 2020 recognize the joystick, but I can’t assign any buttons. i tried everything, but don’t work.


exactly my problem. I have a powerwave joystick as I don’t normally use joysticks (VR pilot) and it just goes full left/right, or full up/down, or full rudder left/right. even the throttles are an all or nothing phenomenon. extremely disappointed that a 180 dollar game couldnt instantly configure my joystick like literally every other game?

Would’ve been nice if the game had some “generic” and basic joystick settings pre-programmed. . . like every other sim in the world. But it doesn’t. After a 4 hour install. . . my attention quickly focused on the flight control issue.

I’m using a “generic” Saitek ST290. Spent quite a bit of time loading up a profile. Got everything loaded except the “Center Aileron”. So far, the flight controls will not follow the joystick back to neutral. I’m going to try the “center aileron” and see if that helps. Ok, but how about a “center elevator” as well? Can’t find one. . .

After the 4 hour install, tried taking a C-172 for a quick spin. The flight control issue was a huge downer. Every other sim the centering feature is automatic. . . This is day 2 and I have still yet to fly a plane. . .

Settings for the joystick. . . so far I have a -44% sensitivity and a 6% dead zone. I may even have to tweak the sensitivity lower. Any number in the positive and with just slight movement the yoke would deflect full left or right. Still trying to pin this down and hoping for a centering elevator feature. . . PLEASE let there be one. . .

I have the same issue! How come a Joystick from Microsoft, such as the Sidewinder FF 2, doesn’t work with the New FS! Very disappointing!


Here is an update. Set the “center aileron” to the same axis as the aileron setting. Game did not like that at all. The center aileron feature is not automatic and there is no center elevator feature at all.

The control wheel fully deflects to the left/right on the 4th input from the joystick. This happens even with sensitivity set to -100%. Nothing I’ve tried can stop this. The deflection left/right is a snap deflection and makes the game unflyable.

So far, the no flight control centering and the snap control wheel deflection are both real downers. Nothing I’ve tried changes this. Kinda hard to believe these items weren’t corrected in the beta testing.

Going into day 3 and the game is still un-usable. My hopes for this program are quickly fading. Anyone else having any luck?

me too…its ridiculous that an ms product like sidewinder forcefeed back 2 its not working perfect in a ms fs

it pits me off

Agreed. . . the Sidewinder FF2 is an AWESOME stick and should work no questions asked. . . ESPECIALLY considering it’s a Microsoft product. Yes, I’ve had to set up some bindings with other sims. . . but no where even near this level. Again, why wasn’t this flagged during the beta testing? Microsoft? Anyone?

Make sure you set the “Axis” and NOT the Left/Right. Screenshot: