Joystick problems

Can anybody tell me why i cant my joystick connected?


BUMP this is so frustrating I have the thrustmaster 16000M HOTAS - a recommended and supported controller and it does not show in game, nore can a manually bind anything to it. I am losing my mind after hours of troubleshooting.


I have been searching the internet for answers, without hope. I dont have a recommended joystick does it matter?

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How do i setup on Thrustmaster Airbus Joystick reverse thrust?

i have a thrustmaster top gun fox 2 pro usb and it wont setup. come on microsoft this is bs.


this worked for me hope it helps!!!

Originally posted by **[tanaKa-] on steam
Fixed it. Do this:

Right click on MSFS in your Library, choose Properties.

Under the first tab - General
At the bottom, Steam Input Per-Game Setting (Requires restart of game)
Choose “Forced Off”

What “Library” are you referring to ??

I searched for any files on my local drive with “MSFS” and looked at Properties. Could not see any reference to Steam Input per Game Setting.

Where is this file ??

right click the game in your steam library.

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Here’ are the steps I took to get my joystick recognized:

  1. In Flight Simulator home screen, click on Options
  2. Click Controls.
  3. Click on your joystick. If it isn’t listed here, you’re out of luck.
  4. Set Filter to All.
  5. Click Flight Control Surfaces.
  6. Click Primary Control Surfaces.
  7. You should now see a list of options for aileron left, aileron right, etc. Click in the leftmost of the two dark grey boxes to the right of Aileron Left. You should now see a box labeled Aileron Left (Roll Left). Click the drop down for Select an input. The options for your joystick should be listed here. Select the appropriate option then click validate.

Repeat for each option you want to map to your joystick.

Not using Steam.

Purchased on the MS Store.

Does that make a difference ??

Very helpful…thank you !!

fixed my problem, thanks

THKS. Top Gun Fox 2 Pro USB, work fine with your process. Perfect.