Joystick SPEEDLINK Dark Tornado doesn't work

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with my Joystick Speedlink Dark Tornado. When I connect it to USB in my computer MFS 2020 shuts down. Has anyone had a similar problem?

Thanks for your help.


I’ve seen a report of this in the Everspace community. The users solution was to change usb ports. May be worth a go?
Also there are reports of bluetooth devices crashing MSF. Check you haven’t got any active to see if thats interfeering.
I think the solution for the bluetooth issue is easily found if you search the forum with that term.


Thanks for your help. I solved this problem, because I didn’t know that I didn’t have drivers for my Joystick :slight_smile: I installed drivers from manufacturer and now it works just fine:)

Hi everyone,

I’ve tried also to use the Speedlink Dark Tornado SL-6632 Joystick and found out, that without installing the driver from the speedlink hompage (SL-6632-BK_Driver_V2.0), MSFS will start, but I can’t use the joystick. When I install the driver, MSFS will crash. The same when using a different usb port. Any suggestions?

Now I’ve installed the driver SL-6632-BK-V3_Driver_V1.01 from the US page ( and it works. But the joystick isn’t preconfigured in MSFS and has to be configured manualy. Every button has to be selected, step by step… But it works (without the throttle up to now…), what is great.

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did you find a way to use the throttle jet?

edit: the game worked for 2 minutes but then crashed also with the new driver and different usb port.
anyone know a solution?

Yes, the throttle works now. It was configured wrong before - my fault. What‘s left is the rudder - roll-aileron configuration. At the moment I haven‘t configured an roll-aileron because I have no food pedals, what‘s not good for flying. In FSX there was a configuration option for combining rudder and roll-aileron for a joystick, which I couldn’t find in MSFS 2000.

Mine still doesn’t work at all it keeps on crashing the game

Have you tried the different driver versions and made an attempt without the driver? I realized that the game runs without the driver, but in this case the joystick was not configurable. Good luck!

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without the driver it runs so its something with that

it detects the flight stick and also the x and y axes but i cant assign them

euhm apparently i can post only 3 times so here is it

i did it
i can now assign buttons

step 1 make sure the drivers are not installed
step 2 start the game and go to options
step 3 click on controls and then the flight stick
step 4 click on search by input or search by name (try both)
step 5 assign what you want

somehow i clicked on search by name or input and all of the stuff i can assign buttons to showed up. hopefully it works ill let yall know soon

good news ! everything works
o and you can assingn the throtthle thingy by assigning slider x not slider x- or +