Joystick Steering from Planes are delayed

Hello, So in the Alpha everything worked just fine no problems nothing. So My Joystick was Working Perfect. Yesterday in Xplane 11 My Joystick worked fine aswell no delay. Only in the Released Version of the MFS is my Joystick totally Delayed and the steering is lagging i dont know how to say exactly but i want that to be fixed otherwhise i would buy myself a new Joystick.

I use the Speedlink Phantom Hawk.

There is a deadzone setting that is set to 2% by default. This means the first 2% of movement in a joystick is not registered to prevent drifting. You can try lowering that in the settings to see if that is the issue for you.

I don’t have any lag in my yoke

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As a cheapskate, I have a Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas that has worked fine with all other flight sims over the years but not MSFS2020. Firstly it hasn’t been recognised and have had to map every function to it - I’ve mapped controls to the individual axis (not the Axis X+ / Axis X- etc) and it’s just bonkers - sort of works but doesn’t. Have adjusted sensitivities, deadzones over last 24 hours with little joy - anyone else successfully mapped a Thrustmaster T-Flight? I can’t be the only one?

I use the Speedlink Phantom Hawk.

Thanks! I Will try!

It Doesnt work.