Joystick vs Yoke / immersion

I’m using right now, the VKB Gunfighter MCG Pro, I played ( and still do) a lot of combat flight simulators.
I tried a few years ago, XP 11,didn’t really like it.
Now, with the MSFS 2020, I do fly a lot of civilian aircraft.
Do you think, it adds more immersion with the yoke vs joystick, when I fly, for example, TBM 930?
Thank you in advance, every advices are welcome.

That all depends on what that aircraft has, I guess.

It’s all subjective. For me, I prefer joysticks. But some people prefer yokes, and others prefer to have both and alternate depending on what aircraft they are flying.

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Definitely depends on your personal preference. For me, I’m a GA guy. I find airliners interesting but not what I spend even 5% or my time on. So, for me the majority of my time is flying smaller, GA aircraft. In my case, the yoke is the best experience. But, I’m also very interested in the newly release Just Flight Hawk and the F-18 to be released next month, so I’m debating whether to grab a joystick for that because a yoke is definitely not going to provide a fulfilling experience for that, IMO.

If you can only get one, and you think you’ll spend a good bit of time flying military jets or airliners with side sticks, that might be the way to go because there are still small GA aircraft that use sticks. Again, all personal preference. It’s not immersion breaking unless it is for you personally. Good luck!

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I use a yoke where a yoke is in RL and a VKBsim Gladiator II for Stearman, Spitfire etc. I just don’t get the ‘feel’ when trying to use the joystick with aircraft that have a yoke.
As a slight digression, I absolutely hate having to reassign control functions - Joystick/yoke, axes, buttons etc. - every time I switch aircraft, unlike XP 11, where each aircraft has its own profile, and each type, GA, vintage, jet, turboprop, single, multi-engine is ready to go when the aircraft is loaded - and no primary control conflicts! I’ve brought this up time and again. Asobo really needs to do something similar to XP, especially now with the wide variety of aircraft available.


So, if I assign, for example, the " Trim" function on the yoke, when I use the joystick, do I need to reassign this???
I thought I can assign the same function for both, yoke and joystick.

Moved to Peripherals. This is where anything regarding joysticks and yokes should be discussed.

You can trim with buttons on both without reassignment, but not axes as they conflict. I use an axis for trim on the JS and the buttons on the Yoke.

If it’s two different devices, then plugging in one from the other should also change the profile and therefore the assignments. :+1: