Joystik and saitek throtlle quadrante not work

hello folks i acquired the new flight simulator premium 3 days ago i installed everything ok i configured my joystick and saitek throtlle quadrant everything working still i made 2 flights
the other day when i’m flying the simulator made a noise and turned off eeeee from there it never worked again ie the joy and saitek commands are all there but they don’t work and even the simulator does the planes none work I already formatted my computer, I started the game and everything was the same
what will it be?
thank you
(sorry my english)

Leave the sim and unplug your Hotas and then just plug in the joystick into a different port.
Check in Windows the USB Game Controller panel to see if yoru joystick is showing up.
Then try the game again. If the game works then now try the throttle.

all this doesn’t work the same and the planes of the simulator itself all work poorly for example don’t do it with the plane turned off and only turned on it’s possible to speed up on the plane in the fans nothing