Jump axis

yesterday i found something strange. some time virtual joy interfered with something and jump to left down then immediately go back. doesn’t happens at landing by luck i guess, but some time you fly or prepare to take off. i even remove joy cable today from the stick for avoid this. because if 104 go at autopilot and you or glitch push joy it start compensate high and low and fly waving till reconnect autopilot. so i flew on course with disabled joystick then before disable autopilot connect and go to final… so. what thing can do that? i guess is not msfs because if disable joy it stay calm and don’t moves… but i thing some addon or more probably some software can play with driver in ram war or what much more likely, something interfere in hardware. usb conflict or power jump in usb or… where to dig? i use x65f but thinking about realsimulator f-16 grip at their base if and only if my joy will die… is it could be my dirty thoughts jerking digital soul of my joy, or my joy can read my mind and kicks me?

I found the source of the interference. if you can believe it… this is my phone lol. it’s stay here i don’t remember how long, but something yesterday possession this hell thing lol. must be need to use airplane mode lol

well. it stood in front off joy. now in front of throttle base. have to test it in this way. i need to see if somebody calls so both place is ok. in base used only couple resistances. so if signal works with not cables and only with joy base i have to be ok with that dislocation. so. if someone have this joy jumping, you know what to do :slight_smile: