Jump to assigned joystick buttons/axes

After assigning all the buttons and axes on my Saitek X-55 joystick, it would be VERY handy to then be able to push a button, or use an axis, in the control settings window and jump to the previously assigned button/axis. I know I assigned them myself, but there’s a lot of 'em & it would help to be able to instantly see what I’d assigned previously.

Also…can we get an axis for view zoom? This is a common feature in other sims, and would be great.

But otherwise, setting up my HOTAS was easy as pie. Amazing graphics, I gotta say.

If you’re asking if you can press a control and see what it’s tied to, Yes you can do that. There’s a box in control setup to check by “input” rather than by name. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding what you’re looking for. As far a view zoom, I’ve got mine tied to mouse scroll (sort of an axis) and it works fine. But not sure if you’ve got that tied to something else. Regards

Perfect, thank you! So obvious once you know it. It’s almost like a Tech Alpha Insider really knows what they’re doing… :grinning: It would still be nice to have it just go to the assignment when the button is pushed, without having to click in the search-by-input box first, but that’s a minor quibble. I did notice that clicking in the search-by-input box then moving an axis on the joystick does not jump to the assignment, though. THAT would be nice.

There’s a side wheel that is incremental like a mouse wheel on the left of the X-55 throttle, and I use that to zoom which works alright. I would just prefer an axis to assign to one of the wheels on the throttle to zoom more smoothly. Again, a minor quibble though.

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Oh if that were only true!! We figured out a lot of things, but I’ve found that having fresh eyes look at the sim from their own viewpoints has really brought up a lot of great questions, comments, and recommendations. Please keep submitting any bugs or recommendations you have! Happy flying! Regards

Closed as this is already possible to do