Jump to online friend from friends list

From the friends list, I’d like to be able to see which friend is online, click their username, and in the additional options include a “Jump-to” option, allowing a user to instantly jump to a friends location and fly near/with them. This would alleviate searching around the large world map for the specific friend you’re looking for!

Currently when a friend wants to fly I’ll need to search around the map (in cases where a airport is not the start especially), I need to pan around to find the specific friend I’m looking to fly with.

I was about to start another thread when I noticed this one. Clever little feature, that window on the right. .


I would like it to be easier following a friend into the map.

right know I would see that a friend is online, and can see his coordinates, but i cannot click on it, I will have to go to world map, type the coordinates to zoom to the position.
then i can click his plane and select as start and jump in. But when I am in, i have to find him somehow, he would have bee flown furhter since i clicked to jump in. so if I cannnot see him, I hav no idea where to search.


  • see friends position von vfr map.
  • see friends as marker on the compass or as poi (like landmarks or airports)

Or am I missing something and there is also an option to have this easier?

Interesting, I didn’t know you could do that. Sounds like a bit of a faff though