[June 21, 2023] Expert Series I: ATR 42-600 / 72-600 Update 1.0.20

Hello everyone,

We have recently released an updated version 1.0.20 for the ATR 42-600 / 72-600. This update can be downloaded from the in-sim Content Manager. Please see the release notes below. You can use this topic for general feedback about the ATR, but if you have any specific bugs to report, please create a new topic (or upvote an existing thread) in the Bugs & Issues subforum.


Expert Series I: ATR 42-600 / 72-600 Update 1.0.20

  • Added the Highline liveries for the ATR 42 and ATR 72
  • Added support for importing flight plans from SimBrief
  • The EFB can be used for loading the aircraft
  • Added code for diffuse light in cargo hold
  • Fixed converting passenger number into pounds
  • Slowed down IAS mode pitch change
  • Fixed switching lateral AFCS mode cancelling vertical AFCS mode
  • Added support for HOLD THROTTLE REVERSE THRUST event
  • Fixed Propeller NP remains at 100%
  • Fixed FD pitch indication inverted
  • Added bearing pointers smoothing and added navaid variance based on signal strength
  • Added smoothing to PFD CDI indication
  • Fixed Boost can be activated on ground at PL over flight idle
  • Fixes to checklist automation
  • Added End of Climb/Descent symbol in ND map
  • Fixed batteries charging when charger is switched off
  • Fixed electrical system starting up after MFC 1B/2B test instead of 1A/2A
  • Fixed service door test using main door status.
  • Fixed generators and hydraulics state on loading aircraft
  • Fixed NEW WPT on LTRL REV page inserted waypoint at wrong position
  • Fixed Go Around pitch command
  • Added VORs and NDBs to manual flightplan entries
  • Added VORs and NDBs to Direct To Ident function
  • Fixed throttle advancing to flight idle on first press of A button when no reverse axis is defined
  • Fixed External power worked without battery switch being ON
  • Fixed Fuel Flow page showing fuel used instead of fuel flow total
  • Improved AFCS mode change when switching nav source
  • Fixed MFD VCP SQ Code not showing leading zeros
  • Fixed Hotel mode/External power not charging batteries
  • Fixed caution light not illuminating on start up
  • Added WPT field function to POS INIT page
  • Fixed starter not disengaging when engine start is cancelled
  • Fixed Payload gross weight calculation
  • Fixed V-FP arming and activation
  • Fixed Prop Brk READY light illuminated after switching on battery in cold & dark state

Iam still on 1.08 and didnt get any notice of a new update?

I got one but when i went to check it out it disappear and now iam stuck on 1.08 how to update this now???

Probably best thing to do is to delete the aircraft and reinstall it from the Marketplace.


Thanks @SeedyL3205, though it looks like we don’t get the whole previously announced fixes, only part of, so do we’ll get the awaited whole list of fixes through the next AAU2 update ?

Now do Navigraph charts! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Why do I now show the ATR 42-600 Highline and 72-600 Highline as two separate aircraft, with no liveries other than the default, in addition to the original 42-600 and 72-600?

In other words, I see 4 ATR choices on the Aircraft Selection screen.


Different cabin model maybe? I haven’t checked myself yet but that’s the main difference between regular and highline in real life.

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The Highline seems to be more targeted toward multi-class or business class market


Highline is different aircraft, the cabin interior is different


It’s a high-class (premium market) and also use for making business turboprop.

At least it won’t be a snobbish one used by Elon Musk

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Whatever happened to the cargo version? We already had a passenger version.


Interesting. I guess I was thrown off by the release notes stating it was a livery rather than a model difference.

Really pleased to see the changes in the update. The release notes don’t seem to be as comprehensive as those posted by another user when that faux update was offered a few days ago.

Having the AP controls now able to be manipulated natively via peripherals is a godsend! Thank you!

I’m also really pleased to see Hold Throttle Reverse Thrust now functioning correctly, too.

Excellent job here on the follow-through. I’m so happy to eat this crow for being a doubter. Mmmmm… crow!

  • Added the Highline liveries for the ATR 42 and ATR 72


Yes, I can read, but can you?

I said they are listed as separate aircraft in the Aircraft Selection screen, not as additional liveries for the original two ATR.


This update rules. Got my Autopilot controls back. Going to fly this a LOT now.

How to best make use of the new Hold Throttle Reverse Thrust mapping? Using Bravo.


It make sens, these two cabins are differents.

Also, it might be a sign that we will get the cargo versions in a future update ?

Also, did anyone check the CDUs ? The FO side CDU is now working


:+1: also mentioned here and OP link provided

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The version number on of the update and the posted changelog image on the previous thread is same. So may be it’s either a truncated changelog or may be the other changes did not work properly, so redacted from the original changelong.

In any case, someone will have to update the profiles on simbrief to work with the aircraft default values :

Testing out all truncated bits now and finding success in everything so far. Looks like this is likely the case. Huge update guys.