[JUNE UPDATE] FlightControlReplay v4.5

FEATURE TIPS: FlightControlReplay v4.5 April Update and SMARTCAM POI !

Do you want record your SmartCam POI with FlightControlReplay?

-Record your flight

-Load it inf FlightControlReplay

-Set your Timeline position where you want FlightControlReplay trigger the SmartCam

-Open CameraChange dialog

-Choose your keyboard shortcut for select SmartCam

-When your replay reach that TimeLine point , FlightControlReplay trigger your configured action ! And you ll are able see that your replay show your SmartCam target

Fantastic SUNSET takes from a real professional photographer!


Here you find other youtube fans video !!!

Wonderful result using Flightcontrolreplay with the Spitfire !!!


Flightcontrolreplay Update will be in the first weeks of June !

I m waiting SimUpdate 4 with his new features and bug fix.

In the next week I ll announce the content of June update :sunglasses:.

Now I m in phase of design and test Flightcontrolreplay vNext with SU

Stay tuned and thanks for the question !!

Hi !

Next Update is scheduled for Saturday 19 June ! This update is called JUNE UPDATE and will bring a lot of new fresh things !

  • New way to manage your REPLAY (stay tuned for more details ongoing)! :stuck_out_tongue:
  • New SMOOTH MOVEMENT for Spoiler , Ailerons , Flaps and Rudder !
  • More Variables to record / Playback
  • More variables for RELIVE FEATURE
  • Enhancements on Replay Algorithm for both MSFS / P3D
  • Enhancements on PLAYASAI feature
  • More to Come



Do you want watch how this B777 works with FlightControlReplay ? Watch this:

Hello !

Today, we check the Change Camera feature of FlightControlReplay.

Call and activate any custom cockpit camera, smartcam or other default MSFS / P3D camera by choosing a keyboard shortcut in Camera Change dialog! It’s available when you replay your flight, and then you pick on the Yellow Slider Timeline of the User Interface.

There you can setup the keyboard shortcut, that you configured in “MSFS Controls section”, inside the CameraChange Dialog and this will be triggered at the chosen frame. When Replay reaches this frame, FCR triggers the keyboard shortcut and automatically activates the Camera Change that you set.
Final result samples with new videos made possible with FlightControlReplay :


Today were release also a lot of new video using FlightControlReplay v4.5 :slight_smile:


Today HugoThester channel pubblished EXTENDED VIDEO REVIEW of FlightControlReplay ! With all features covered !!!

In the meantime see these wonderful video !


I’m committed to the development of new features for FlightControlReplay, to bring new experiences and more fun with your replay videos.

Back in 2020, the registered owners received the support of Microsoft Flight Simulator, added for FREE.

More recently, i’ve delivered several FREE updates to include Virtual Reality, Speech Recognition for Voice Control, and I’ve also monitored MSFS development to enhance the stability, smoothness and integration where fixes were needed.

Do not worry that my guideline remains the same for you : fixes and MORE features for FREE to my local customers when you purchase FlightControlReplay. Continuous evolution and further ideas will be integrated, so stay tuned

Today I start little snippets on what you ll see in FLIGHTCONTROLREPLAY JUNE 21 UPDATE

  • Enhancements on PLAYASAI feature
    Start June Update you ll be able to FLY A PLAYASAI FORMATION FLIGHT with 5 PLANES in one FCR instance ! with this feature you can use infinite playas instance that pilots 5 planes per instance . This results in running at the same time 5 PLAYASAI infiniteFCR instance !

    Using one of your Recorded Flight Track, choosing offset values for place these in the SKY!

Stay tuned for other tips in the next days/weeks

Watch this fantastic video :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch these stunning video production made with FlightControlReplay :smiley:

Let’s review one of the best popular and exclusive feature of FlightControlReplay : PlayAsAI.

Yes, you can replay your flight and simulate formation flying !

Apply your flight path to AI aircraft beside yours, setup the offset and angle from your position in just seconds, very easy to understand user interface.

The standard options of replay remain available in this mode : change simulation rate, choose exactly when the AI traffic can start the flight.

Currently, 4 AI aircraft for each FlightControlReplay instance are visible, so you can multiplicate the AI companions with more software intances simultaneously.

With the next update in June, each FCR instance will be able to manage up to 5 AI aircraft, and it’s infinite with more FCR instances.

Hello Replayers !

I want announce the content of the FlightControlReplay JUNE UPDATE
that will come at the end of june .

Your power tool will benefit of the following enhancements :

  • RealTime modification of a Recorded Flight (user can decide to adjust Altitude and Landing gear status of a recorded flight during his replay in realtime !)

  • When User runs FlightControlReplay in PlayAsAI mode, he can also switch view into any created AI plane ! And if he wants, he can take control of one selected AI Plane And last but not least, he can also come back to the initial User plane. (MSFS only for now)

  • Introduction of PlayASAI support for up to 5 planes in each FCR instance (remember that with more instances of FCR, you can create infinite traffic)

  • New Enhancements on Algorithm for PlayAsAI for both P3D and MSFS

  • Smooth Movements for plane flight surfaces

  • Fixed bugs

PC Pilot Magazine Classic Award for FlightControlReplay , high score 90 ! The double page review of our tool is in their new issue 134 July / August 2021, available here : PC Pilot Latest Issue | Print & Digital | Key Aero

PC Pilot Award Classic 150x150

Hello !

June is a wonderful month for FlightControlReplay and for all customers ! PC PILOT AWARD , PCPILOT Review and first of all new FlightControlReplay JUNE UPDATE(MSFS\P3D\FSX) release !

This is only a first post but in the next hours will follow specification of new introduction in FlightControlReplay JUNE UPDATE .

This update bring a lot of new features as mentioned earlier and NOW IS ONLINE VIA SIMMARKET ! Every CUSTOMERS will be notified via email !

FlightControlReplay growing … with new features , bugfix and will grow also in future . This is my little baby and i want grow up with new fetures … with a lot of surprise furing this 2021:

  • FREE Updates with a lot of “New Things” :stuck_out_tongue:
  • FREE TUTORIALS (pdf tutorial available via simmarket page and included in the installer)
  • And a surprise that will come by the end of this year (or maybe sooner) . I want only let you know this surprise is linked to the new WINDOWS 11 ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all support ! You are the linfa that allow me to try to do the best for this FlightControlReplay and also for future addons i have in mind ! In the next hours you ll have more post that will explain all new features !

Tomorrow will be online also the TRAILER of FlightControlReplay JUNE UPDATE !


Find below the full changelog details of the June Update for FlightControlReplay v4.5 :

  • NEW FEATURE ADDED Realtime FlightRecorded modification: Apply an Altitude Offset to your aircraft during Replay.

  • FEATURE ENHANCEMENT PlayASAI now supports up to 5 planes in each FCR instance. Remember that with more instances of FCR, you can create infinite traffic.

  • NEW FEATURE ADDED Aircraft Gear status : Force the gear status Up, Down, or let it automatic during Replay, and apply live !

  • NEW FEATURE ADDED Aircraft Control Toggle : Switch view and take control of one selected AI plane (PlayAsAI mode), or take control of your own aircraft during a Replay. You can toggle it off in order to give back controls to FlightControlReplay that returns in line with the values of the recorded flight.

  • New Enhancements on Algorithm for PlayAsAI for both P3D and MSFS

  • Smooth Movements for plane flight surfaces

  • Fixed bugs

Another set of NEW features have been added, and we seriously enhanced PlayAsAI mode with 5 ghosts aircraft support at once in each FCR instance. Unlimited traffic is even possible with more FCR instances.

It’s now possible to switch view to an AI airplane (PlayAsAI mode), and even take control of it.

During a Replay, you can now modify live the aircraft gear status, and also retake control of it in flight at anytime.

Please uninstall your current version, download the updated setup from your customer account, and install this new version.

The update is FREE for all registered users.

More updates and new ideas will come later, for FREE.