Just a bad day?

Hi guys…after many problems with the comp/sim, and as advised by some of you, i changed my PSU to a corsair 750 w…i think it’s kinda solve the problems…i was running the sim these last 4 days without big issues…today i decided to do a ksan-klax with fwb320, ctd, i changed livery, ctd again, i changed gate, ctd…i ran it again, and then i got an “attack” blocked by my AVG…d://IDP/flightsimulator.exe
any of you got that ? i tried again, with the aboso 320, vanilla livery, i changed to klax, ctd again…i m giving up for today…is it just a bad day ?

About AVG, maybe it blocks something on the sim (or on a 3rd party addon or mod) that could cause CTDs. I do recommend to use the standard Windows 10 Defender AV instead of 3rd parties AV which can cause lots of false positives. With that regularly updated, an ad-block+pop-up+script blocker, taking care on which sites you enter and which emails do you read or open, should be more than enough to protect your PC.

Also take a look on the CTD support guidelines and try to find somehing that potentially could be affecting the sim.

Glad to hear the PSU change solved your full shutdown problems.


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i noticed, like many of you may be, that some days are good and some days are bad, without doing anything special, or adding new stuff…i had only a few liveries, and i read also that the fwb320 was causing issues…i have the exp one…may be a sign that i should get ready to work instead of flying…lol

It seems like some CTDs are related to connection issues. You could also try to disable live traffic and live weather and see if that helps you.

thanks …yes, right, i m having both on…and we know that cna be an issue…i will try that, but for now, i m running late to work…thanks guys for your help

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Think you just answered your own question

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