Just about had enough...(And I'm not the only one)

When I first got this Sim (as soon as it was released) I was full of enthusiasm after years of flight simulation using most of the different software. I’ve purchased a lot of add-ons and upgraded my computer system to a mega machine just to appreciate those beautiful graphics that Microsoft Simulator can produce. It does produce wonderful eye candy but really that’s about the only thing that you can depend on from time to time.
After each update it’s the same old story of a few fixes and loads of new bugs to cope with. I can’t be dealing with all that nonsense for much longer. All my other sims (Flight and racing games) have hardly any problems compared to this messed up software that was full of promise when it was released. I haven’t got the time to try this and that to cure problems and bugs that get introduced every time some sort of Update gets released. Some might enjoy messing about sorting problems out but I didn’t invest in this to be tester…I just want to fly with not too much frustration and believe me I am well frustrated. My computer system is top notch but I am afraid this Sim really is not reliable and is totally hit and miss.
I’ve not had a chance to give it a go for a couple of weeks or so, but now I am presented with the most terrible lag… like complete freeze up every 10mins or so…the sim then returns to very good FPS only to freeze again some minutes later. This never happened before and why should I have to sort this out? What with floating street lights at night, a mouse pointer that disappears from time to time and loads of other strange happenings I feel like giving up with this and realising I have wasted a lot of money. There really is no excuse for it, although many will say it will all get sorted one day. Well I feel I can’t wait much longer for that day to come. I have had some great moments using the sim, but that is just not enough from a commercial release that costs a lot of money. It really is too buggy and it’s like a lottery every time an update happens…Goodnight everyone. I’ll dream of those nice graphics maybe lol!


see ya later


We encourage constructive feedback about MS Flight Simulator. While the Topic Author has concerns, it’s drawn several non-compliant comments. We encourage the Topic Author to open or search for any Bugs & Issues as well as threads associated with some of his concerns: Floating Street Lights, Missing Mouse Pointer, etc.

As for the rest of the comments, We are One World, One Community. Let’s act that way folks.