Just Came Across Freeware Mods Site

I know this is probably old news to some of you but I have just come across a site for freeware mods for MSFS2020 and other games.
If you dont know about it then have a look at
There is also an addons site.
Here is another one thanks to Garsonas.
And another one. Thanks to MeVive
OK I think we have quite a few now. So this will be the last one that I will add to the post.
Last one Thanks to StartedCircle35
MsfsReleaseradar NOT IN ENGLISH

Also Freeware and Payware at the following link. Thanks to Scriptlss.


Thanks, I was just asking about exactly this kind of thing in another thread.

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Hi, try also this one : flightsim.to


Wow this site is looking really great!! Was a fan of Msfsadons at first but lately their overuse of ads and layout is just a mess…

Also use this page https://simdir.net for freeware and payware addons

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Another one: MSFS Release Radar

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Getting silly having so many mod sites they should have created an official msfs mod site or atleast a mods section in these forums.

mods section is over here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/c/self-service/sdk-discussion/164

But i agree a more “easy to consume” section would be nice to have.

That is only SDK discussion. Not Mod downloads.
SDK is what you need to make mods most of the time.

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uhm i wouldn’t have led you to the sdk section if i didnt know what it was :laughing: and I wouldnt have added the second line to my response if I didnt understand what the person I replied to meant.

I understand the SDK discussions might be a little too low level for the casual user and what was suggested was for a more user friendly section for the finished mods and I agreed with him.

I was pointing out that the post had nothing to do with the SDK Discussions.
I created this post here for people to follow the links and get the mod’s they wish.

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People should instantly stop putting their stuff on a multitude of platforms and return to the ones known for years, such as the avsim library, flightsim.com or simouthouse. Like now, it is a mess and almost impossible to track if and when an addon was released, updated or modified…


AVSIM library? I’ll pass thanks much like pretty much everything to do with AVSIM. Plus I’ve still got my own hair and teeth and my trousers still come down to my ankles so don’t think I’m their target market😂

I don’t see what the issue is with having new addon sites for a new sim, the better ones will flourish and the others will just fade into insignificance. Can’t see msfsaddons lasting the course, it looks like a 90’s college project, rife with adds and bundles of aircraft you don’t want. Flightsim.to is tidy, well laid out and gets my vote for having individual aircraft skins too👍


The reason why this bothers me is simple: the more diverse the pages are where people upload their stuff, the more difficult it gets to know where addon X or addon Y is for download. I already missed several things like the Malaga addon, simply because it was “published” on a page I never heard of and never would come across if not visiting forums on a daily basis. Having all addons published on two, three pages max. would do great deal in getting everything together. Hope they will include some of the great freeware stuff in the market place, that would be the luxury solution…

A lot of these new FS sites are gaining some significant traction at the moment because of the influx of new simmers to the hobby. This especially applies to sites like Nexus which aren’t FS specific. When a large portion of these new users move on to other interests, these sites will loose popularity as a result.

It may be messy now, but I have no doubt some natural consolidation will occur. The old stalwarts will still be around, and maybe one or two new sites, with some fresh offerings.

That’s why I think this thread should be pinned, so if people finds a new site, they can post the link here. I really hope Flightsim.to will be the next big place to go for addons for MSFS. It has a really nice layout and it’s updated several times a day. So no more Avsim for me.

I am totally fine with flightsim.to, if most or all addons end up on this site.

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