Just Flight announces 172sp Classic Enhancement mod for MSFS

So I’m not an IRL pilot so I don’t know about data but I know that with the 152 the plane wants to move as soon as you apply any throttle which according to YouTubers I’ve followed, Howard Forder on here and P.Gatcomb for example is very realistic, but Asobo’s 172 is very heavy and barely gets up to 1000 rpm unless you apply half throttle, which Youbers like Gatcomb and Overkill said was not realistic at all. So I just wondered if the add on addresses that?

Ah excellent that is what I was hoping for. They should list that on the Just Flight website as I’ve asked a couple YouTubers if they are going to review the add on, and they said they weren’t interested in it because it didn’t feature the prop and CFD modelling so they felt not worth getting.

If everyone went by Youtube reviewers, we would all have Hangars full of Captain Sim Planes !!!

If people with no idea about aviation or the C172, want to make Youtube videos, that’s fine … their choice, but of all the MSFS c172 Youtube video I have seen, that claim ton be a “review” maybe only 2-3 have the slightest idea what they are doing.

A little hard … NO – I actually CRINGED when I have watched some of them, they are so “off the mark”, and really embarrassing to watch.

Forderleantofly’s video being a notable exception, but then, he is a real world GA pilot with RL C172 experience.


This is some really cool stuff that begins to catch my interest in the good old C172.
Is this mod planned to be developed further into A2A-Cessna or Airfoillabs Cessna quality, because I would really love to play around with my shiny new car… eh I mean Cessna :smiley: It would be so great if some third-party menu could be popped up being able to open the engine cover (similar to open cargo doors in Fenix and PMDG aircraft with some radio panel or FMC menu, or EFB), changing oil, exchanging a two-blade and three-blade propeller, and maybe being able to change the seats, cockpit material colour, and wheel-fairings on and off.
Just like in good old A2A Cessna times!
Would definately buy this enhancement.

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I‘m so happy that this plane is nearly exactly the opposite of what you describe xD

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I’m definitely excited for the first A2A-level aircraft as well. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but get me in the hangar and let me really get into the maintenance sim!

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Been “excited” to see an A2A level GA plane in MSFS for over two years now.
The excitement and Hype, has slowly diminished over the years… I’ll believe it when I see it.

Which is why I joined up with WB-Sim (and sent a Rediculous number of hours, 1000+ ) to help develope the WB-SIM C172 “Enhancement” Mod (For Pilots, as opposed as for Ground Maintenance !)


Oh we’re a ways out from A2A for a bit, the SDK being what it has been this whole time after all… if ground maintenance (something real pilots do have to deal with at times) isn’t your cup of tea, well, cool. Doesn’t matter to me. This is still a great addon in its own right from the looks of it!

I’ve pretty much given up on A2A, every 2 months one of their PR guys says it’s still coming, I get the feeling it will be 2024. Their forum is just a bunch of old guys telling bad jokes. But like others, it’s one reason I like the 172 mod, it gives me a sense of actually owning and caring for an airplane, not just flying one.


Yes, I’ve pretty much given up on A2A too. I used to frequently scan their forum for any news on the Comanche but have now finally given up and don’t bother. It seems a little like ‘the tomorrow’ which never comes.

As regards the 172 mod, a post above indicates there should be an update soon after the release of SU10 so I’m looking forward to seeing what this brings to an already interesting looking mod. I’ve not bought it yet but my interest is definitely piqued and a few more enhancements which from the above could apparently blow me away may well persuade me into buying it.

I would suggest, that if you bite the bullet now, and get it BEFORE the next update, YOU could contribute / suggest what ADDITIONAL thing you would like to see added.

Not that ALL request are Guaranteed, but if they are reasonable, technically possible, and in the spirit of what the Enhancement is trying to achieve, the WB-SIM developers are extremely responsive – suggest you check out their Discord. ( for support and information)

Just as a TEASE … many have requested more Ground Support -Eye Candy …(FUNCTIONAL Ground Equipment) – well , it’s coming … but more than just EYE Candy – it’s fully Function – (with Consequences for incorrect use – just like Real Life)

ie Better not forget to remove the Cowl pads or the Pitot Tube Cover, when doing your walk around pre-flight checks - forgetting to do so will really “Spoil your day” :woozy_face:


Excellent news! I’m always bummed when an addon aircraft has things like gust locks etc., but they just disappear/unlock “automagically” once you get going. What’s the point of that?

So yeah … forgetting things like that should have real life consequences. If I forget gust locks, covers etc. I want to have a bad day trying to take off with them.

As for the 172: I would love to have the overspeed flap damage that the A2A 172 had. Even better if damage could accumulate over time. Trying to recover and survive asymmetrical flap damage was one of the most heartpounding experiences that I had in FSX and I wouldn’t mind a comeback, if possible.

Keep doing hard landing and you will soon find your nose gear is not as healthy as it should be. Hit too hard and you will set off the ELT. Hit really hard and you will break off the Nose gear. Land hand on the main gear, and it will start to get damaged. In excess, that can break as well. and watch out for pop-strikes, you will bend you prop, and most likely cause damage to the engine.
Forget to fill up when oil is low, and you will have issues – overheating engine – in the extreme, it will seize __ (That will cost you )
Run at full RPM, and exceed the green – you will start overheating, leading to a disaster if you do not watch your oil temp & Pressures.
Don’t think you will go anywhere, if you are still tied down !!
Don’t think you can do much outside of the plane , on the ground , if the engine is running … very dangerous.
Don’t think you can do mess with anythung outside the plane when moving or in flight.
No topping up the OIL mid flight in the air … NOT going to happen
Don’t think you are going to automatically turn to and fly to the Magenta line with the GPS, if far off track.
I could literally go on for another 20 pages … but that would be a SPOILER and stop you from discovering all this yourself … :wink:

And, al last, a 100% Correctly simulated KAP140 AP – with optional Audio Voice warnings and alerts !!

Cant figure out how stuff works, don’t waste time reading dumbed down SIM manual for a basic sim plane … READ (the referenced) Real World manufacturers Manuals… that it how it works in the WB-SIM Plane !!! (subject to a few MSFS application limitations)

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GOOD one – now you bring it up – that will be a MUST to add in next round of enhansements …

Since the plane already has (optionally) almost 100% state saving of condition and setting, accumulating wear and tear items are not an issue - plane can be exactly as you last left it, days/weeks later when you next fly that Particular livery. (State saving by Livery… ).

(Battery might have gone a little flat if you do not use the pane for a long time – but that is seldom an issue, you will fly it often ).
Plane Battery can accept and be charged by the included Ground battery Charger, but ONLY when at a ramp, and without that dangerous prop running !!

I’ll let you discover what happens if you try to taxi the plane with the Charger still attached !!!

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