Just Flight Arrow Brake?

After the update I can’t take off in the Arrow since the parking brake won’t release. How do I release it?

Afaik you have to use your mouse for now to release the parking brake. Using keys/buttons to release does not work. It should be fixed when Just Flight releases their SU5 patch.

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I click it with my mouse. Previously had it mapped to a button on my Virpil throttle but pressing that now releases and then immediately reapplies the brake!

Where exactly is the brake in the cockpit?

It is below the yoke (slightly right)
But, I can confirm. I have the same issue. Have a button on my Thrustmaster, but doesn’t work anymore since SU5

I can only get to yoke level with my mouse. How do I see further down to access the brake?

I hold down right mouse button and drag - that moves the cockpit view so im looking down below the dashboard

Got it - thanks.

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Yes I had this as well. My key binding basically just cycles it on and off then back on. You have to manually clrck it in the virtual cockpit using the mouse.