Just Flight BAe146 engines not starting all of a sudden

Been flying the 146 for about three days now with no issues and loving it. However, today I loaded up the sim and started a flight cold and dark. Got to engine start and ran through the exact procedure from the manual. Engine starts motoring but once I introduce fuel there no light off on any engine.

APU air and packs are off, fuel pumps on, tanks full of fuel, and APU is on with no light off. Tried re-installing the 146 and the issue persists.

Even when selecting the Ready for Takeoff state the #4 engine tries to start but doesn’t light off.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Not me, but somebody in the German fb group got the same problem with engine 1. might be an sporadically problem maybe.

Do you have any controls assigned to the engine mixture(s)?

Martyn - Just Flight

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I do not. I have throttle 1-4 axis’s assigned but that’s it in regards to the throttle quadrant. Everything else is using the mouse

I figured out the issue.

I’m using the Thrustmaster AIrbus Quadrant and the mode selector was in the Crank position. I guess this was mapped to some that caused the engine to only motor.

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