Just Flight Fokker 100

Who is operating it?

Idealtours Fokker 100?

Flew these back in the nineties, very advanced aircraft for the day. 75m RVR and zero DH, scary stuff,

@XR219 Carpatair from Sevilla to Salzburg via Cologne.

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What is 75m RVR and 0 DH? Why is it scary?

Runway Visible Range and Decision Height.

Very low for the Nineties, I assume.

Correct, full cat 3b auto land. The 75 m was so you could see to taxi to stand.

Cool, Thanks.

I worked on the front fuselage section (from nose till pax door) in Papendrecht Netherlands. Won a employee raffle back then to join a demo flight, spend half the flight in the cockpit including full autoland, man I was so impressed. I know a few commercial pilots and they still admire the F70/100. It was so ahead of its time back then. Shame how it all collapsed.


So happy! :smile:


So the Fokker 100 can do a Cat3?
That is good to hear!
Otherwise GotFriends must add a few cats into the cockpit in foggy weather…


What are you choosing, which one to buy first? :wink:

How is their Fokker100 doing?
I am curious to get some new nice screenshots :slight_smile:

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Really hope for a update soon :slight_smile: I am still very interested in the Fokker.

I can’t wait for the Fokker because I’m enjoying the f28, I used to do a lot of dash 8 variants and messing around with the dc9 variants in fsx, with fs2020 the Fokker has filled the missing DC9 roll while the ATR has been flown due to no dash 8’s or DC9’s in the marketplace yet :slight_smile:

I am also interested in this aircraft. One of the first “digital cockpits”, so modern, but not too much automatition, I guess.

As you can imagine, it’s been hectic getting the Vulcan released recently, however our F70/100 team have been making great progress too and we will be bringing you the latest updates on the cockpit, exterior and cabin artwork very soon.

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New development update! Just Flight - F70/100 Professional


Nothing too exciting, but good to hear from them!

For those of you that missed the In Development update, here are some screenshots showing the work we’ve been doing on the F100 passenger and cargo door variants, and galleys and cabins. Next up we will be showing you the F70 variant and all our cockpit artwork upgrades.

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Based on my F-28 purchase, this will be a day 1 purchase for me.