Just Flight FS Traffic for XBOX users

Any further updates on this??


I think this complement will stay for MSFS 2024

For the Msfs 2024, Asobo wants to offer real live traffic with livery’s.

Any news on this? Has this been paused?

We should hopefully get a release date frame after su15 and look how thats looking :scream::scream:

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Any news about this?

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Anymore news guys?

Here’s a forum thread on JustFlight, latest was 8 hours ago Fs traffic xbox | Just Flight Community

The OPs username on that thread looks familiar… :laughing::+1:


I believe it will be left for MSFS2024 as the Asobo team was unable to resolve the issue with the new GDK.

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Is this true??

Just a guess!

Having now seen how AI traffic can hammer even the highest spec PC, I’m sceptical as to whether they can get it to a similar level of functionality on Xbox. SU15 hasn’t solved the memory issues, per se — it’s simply mitigated them using balancing techniques. They also have to bear the Series S in mind, which won’t help the Series X. Since the SS is likely way more popular than the SX, I doubt they’re going to can the sim on the less capable console. I’ve always said that greater reach for the sim can’t be a bad thing, even if that means having to ‘dumb down’ certain aspects.

I suspect you won’t see FST on console till after the release of FS2024. JF have said that the product has already been through several phases of the testing process so it’s clear that issues have been found. Whether they can resolve them without completely destroying much of the functionality is anyone’s guess.

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Looking forward to the next update directly from Just Flight, before this thread goes completely speculatice.


Hopefully we can get one soon from them :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

With FS2024, Asobo already brings worldwide ship and air traffic with real liveries to the PC/Xbox. Why an addon if the Sim already brings it with it from the house?

With no news from justflight its not looking good i must admut they normally respond on thier forum but nothing :scream:

Don’t despair, I’ve no reason to believe JustFlight are going to scrap it. If they are quiet, it usually means they have nothing new to share or they are busy trying to make it work. :+1: This has never been done for Xbox, so it was never going to be a simple process.

Until we hear otherwise from official channels, we just have to wait.


Please ask here guys

The issues they seem to be having is with the series s

With the new GDK, the Series S may have better performance with this add-on. In any case, I think it might not be worth purchasing now with the MSFS2024 date and native traffic.

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