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I guess you could, although I haven’t tried.

I’m using an external spare 1TB NVMe with USB-C 3.1 connection for all my add-on airports and applications, as both my internal NVMe slots are occupied. MSFS works fine even using the CompactGUI compression application.

I was using an external SSD USB-C 3.0 before and it also worked fine with MSFS, although airport add-on loading time may be marginally longer when measured.

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Also for me works fine with all AddOns

This may go down as one of the dumbest questions asked in this thread, but when I’m flying GA, and want to see other GA flights, whether real life or at least realistic, how do I make that happen?

not supported yet by FS Traffic. There is one good payware from simflea and even better freeware for offline ga traffic though… keep in mind to change traffic type in sim to offline ai, although FS Traffic (FSLTL also) tells you to keep it off, no problems here


There’s a new update for FS Traffic:

v1.0.4 - FS Traffic Core Installer ONLY

  • TCC: Reskinned Traffic Control Centre interface
  • TCC: All pop-up interfaces now always on top
  • TCC: Crash when creating flight plans at airport where no plans currently exist – fixed
  • TCC: Clear button now clears the fields
  • TCC: Warning added for when a database cannot be accessed successfully
  • TCC: Additional feature - when creating a new schedule, if a pln file doesn’t exist it will create it for you
  • TCC: Generated random flight number changed to 4 digits when creating a new schedule
  • TCC: VMR file and database updated
  • TCC: Error when deleting an entry from the Aircraft Livery Manager – fixed
  • TCC: Aircraft Manager->Livery Manager: Saves not applying to newly created aircraft – fixed
  • TCC: Updated manual
  • Module: Airlines database update - Norwegian Air NAX>NOZ
  • Module: Aircraft ini file update - Norwegian Air NAX>NOZ
  • Module: Five Title= entries in ini files now supported (increased from three)

Hello as @mhron points out, we have an update FS Traffic. This focus is mainly on improvements to the Traffic Control Centre. No need to re-install the fleet package.

Thank you

John - Just Flight.


Thank you for the updated VMR file.

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If anyone needs a complete list of the carriers and aircraft used in FS-Traffic I have created one and placed it here. I have also placed bespoke schedules for all the airports supported by FS-Traffic here.


I installed this last night and spent half an hour at Dubai airport just watching the movements with the drone. After a tricky start the add on is now working well and I love seeing real planes and liveries, very immersive.

Saw a levitating taxying plane so still a few bugs there. Also no traffic in African airports afaik. But definitely getting better with each update.

Glad you are enjoying it. But be careful with the term ‘real’. It’s historic traffic using historic schedules. Using AI from 2005 vs. Just Flight is pretty much the same. You’re just changing which airlines, routes, liveries are available. Real would be +/- now to a few months. Over 6 months or longer would be historic.

just updated and tried the latest version of FS Traffic - so have some questions:

1)noticed their seems to be a “new?” controller program added - how can you bring this up? (seem to have the file for it in my community folder already) - also noticed some of the options from the first version are gone from the main in game pop up (seee to remember a traffic density) assume these are in the controller program?

2)also using the Asobo version of the old Kai Tak airport realise its not longer operating but is there anyway to get FS Traffic to spawn traffic into it? (currently mine is completely empty without even any static aircraft)

I think the ‘new’ program runs inside MSFS and doesn’t have a GUI for the user to use. It is probably some form of traffic injector.

Kai Tak is not included in the FS-Traffic Airport Database, I just checked. Therefore, you cannot create flight plans or schedules for it in FS-Traffic.

I saw some on the ground at an African airport I was doing touch-n-goes at during the middle of the night when sleep was eluding me. Proper liveries and all. Though I thought I was at a coastal airport, the elevation was 1,300’, so I have to figure out how that happened. Perhaps I just mistook a large lake for an Ocean of some sort, I don’t know.

actually have been directed to check a FS Traffic controller folder in the community folder in that there an .exe for the controller that has lots of other options and a map…

so really for Kai Tak there is not way to generate AI using FS Traffic - have only seen a freeware Kai Tak that seems to have files to run AIG traffic with the airport - so may try that

Apart from the normal control center, all I can find is makepln.exe. That is just used to create flightplans from a list rather than doing them one by one using the normal control center.

What models do not exist in FSTraffic yet?

Do you mean which aircraft are not used in FS-Traffic? That is a big ask as new aircraft are coming out constantly. If you want to know which aircraft ARE used by FS-Traffic look here.

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Thanks. Is it worth the money just for the models? I will want to use it with FSLTL.

I can’t comment on if it is worth the money. 1. Only you know what is of value to you. 2. I have never used FSTL so I cant comment if they are better. What I will say is that the models and liveries included are very good. See the review here.

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