Just Flight - FSTraffic

I wonder when they will implement more schedules. For almost two years we have only had the summer 2022 and winter 2022-2023 schedules available, post-pandemic schedules. When will a 2024 schedule, for example?

Well, this product seems like Just Flight’s unwanted child to me… Last update was 9 months ago.


I am quite disappointed that there was no update regarding more liveries or more flight models lately

They had promising that…


Is there some way to adjust the amount of traffic or was that taken out?

Agree, I had to pull some models from AIG (a340) and have all FSLTL models + Liveries but still see some default Asobo liveries. If they are charging for a product, one would expect them to do better. I used FSX one and that was pretty good - this one, well - not as much.

Performance and details are the things working for them though.

Im sure they said at the moment thier full attention is on releasing fstraffic on xbox

Have you all settings correct? If you have, you shouldn’t see default liveries.

I have the setting not to display default liveries; didn’t change it for a very long time and started seeing default liveries after removing all AIG models.

Before getting FST, I used FSLTL + AIG models with FSLTL injector and never saw default ones.

For me, FST is most effective as a complement to FSLTL, rather than an alternative. Both have so many models missing but at least you get better variety using both mods together. Still missing A300, A340, E2 E-Jets, CRJ-200, plus a few others.

Have you tried AIG models?
They have currently the most with most variations, as far as I know.
You can use the AIG models with FSLTL injector, like I do.
I have removed the FSLTL and FSTraffic ones, just use the AIG ones currently and happy with the result


I mean your settings in the sim, Are they correct?

AI traffic is off. Is there any other setting?