Just Flight have announced the Fokker F28 Fellowship

If you don’t already like the subject aircraft anyway, probably not ( somewhat true in reverse too, albeit there’s no cargo F28 ). It’s faster, I don’t think you could get one in some of the places a 146-100 can, it’s even more radio nav oriented, subjectively I don’t much like how it flies but many are happy with that area. I couldn’t sell a CRJ either, they’re just alternatives.

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Does everything work aswell ie gauges, sound etc etc

Yes, everything works and sounds fine

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Awesome well time to enjoy the F28 :grin:

I can as i bought it, but it does not show in the content manager

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Hi all,

As you you may be aware our F28 Professional is now available on the in-game marketplace!

It is PC Only for the time being and we have not yet approved it for release on Xbox as we want to make some optimisation improvements for the Xbox versions, particularly on the Series S.

We haven’t been made aware that it was ever made available for purchase on Xbox, we are just finding out about that through this thread and other comments on our other social channels, so we have contacted the marketplace team for some clarification on the situation.

For anyone who was able to purchase the product on Xbox and is running into any performance issues, please contact MSFS support through their normal channels and explain the situation to them.

With all that being said, we do hope everyone enjoys the F28 Professional! A quick reminder that we do have a full flight tutorial series available on our Youtube channel (link below), and we should have another F28 video released later today:

Mark - Just Flight


Hopped on board a few days ago and I’m hooked. I have plenty of experience on classic add-ons from FSX and P3D days, and this one is among the best. Especially the soundset is extraordinary!
If I could make a wish it would be a better integration with GSX and better light effects for the logo lights (they look too bright and overdone imo- the light itself, not the lighted area).
Also it would be great if you could increase/ decrease the FD pitch with holding a button, it would make life a little better when handflying.

Speaking on the FD, asbI fly on IVAO I use the GNS option. On takeoff I set the FD to 10 degrees up and HDG mode.
However after takeoff FD commands 25 or 30 degrees nose up. I have to set it back again each time. Also, when switching to TRK mode, GPS course is not commanded by the FD unless I cycle the GPS to VLOC and back to GPS while airborne, only then the FD commands the GPS course.

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Cycling the GPS I think is not a plane specific thing, I do that with every aircraft I fly with it. I just have it in my checklist these days to cycle the GPS after I turn it on.

Hi Justflight

I am one off users who was able to purchase the F28 on Xbox before the removal,

I can indeed report performance issues, 2 out 3 load ins to the aircraft result in a CTD and the performance while in the aircraft both in internal and external view are choppy with framerate issues

Hopefully your team can do something with this information to optimize the F28 further for xbox users

Apart from these performance issues she flies looks and sounds awesome :blush:


I havent had the plane CTD on me yet. Just black screens and studders…

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I had 5 ctd’s yesterday while trying to load the F28 on my Series X and general black screens and stutters

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It sounds like Just Flight were right to withdraw the F28 from Xbox in it’s present state.

I have a lot of confidence in their quality control after many wonderful hours in the BAE146 - it is one of the best add ons for MSFS, performs very well and has been very stable.

I’ll carry on waiting (…) for the F28 Professional to release on Xbox but it’s a day one purchase for me.


Just to clarify on the Xbox front, we never approved the F28 for release on Xbox so it wasn’t our decision to withdraw it, that was all handled by the marketplace team. Microsoft’s statement on the situation here can be read here: Marketplace: F28 Professional Update

The current F28 Xbox build is the exact same build as the PC build, with the same textures, the same VRAM usage, etc. We do this just to get a baseline of how the product works on Xbox with no additional optimisation, and this then lets us know just how much optimisation is required for the Xbox release. Usually, this wouldn’t be seen by the end user, but it is completely normal and part of our internal quality control process for the Xbox releases.

Those of you who were lucky (or unlucky!) enough to purchase the F28 when it was briefly available for sale on Xbox will see we do have some work to do on the Xbox optimisation. That process is ongoing now and we will be sure to let everyone know once an Xbox release has been approved.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to give any sort of time frame for how long this may take, as it’s quite a long process for us (or any third-party developer) to test Xbox builds. We have to make some improvements that we think will work on Xbox, then upload the build to the marketplace, and then Mircosoft has the process and test the build themselves, before then making it available for us to test. This process can take multiple weeks, and then if we find we have to make further tweaks, we have to go through that process again.

Anyone who would like to request a refund on the Xbox version can do so by contacting the Microsoft support team at the link in their statement above.

We hope everyone who purchased the F28 on PC is enjoying the quirkiness of the aircraft! In case you missed it, we uploaded a new video at the end of last week covering some of the F28 Professional’s finer details:

Mark - Just Flight


Hi mark

Thanks again for the clarification, as a Xbox user who was lucky or unlucky enough to have purchased the F28 during her brief xbox availibilty

I can say apart from the performance optimization for Xbox she is an absolute joy to fly :blush: and she looks and sounds awesome, hopefully the xbox release is not too far away so that all xbox users can enjoy her

In the meantime im not gonna request a refund and im gonna enjoy the F28 as is and hopefully the official xbox release is not too far out

Here is my white F28-1000 at Woensdrecht :blush::heart_eyes:

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Despite its little performance issues (black screens, a few stutters here and there, hasn’t caused a CTD yet) its actually a very wonderful plane to fly.

Anyways i have decided not to request a refund, as the plane works fine despite the performance issues.


Just Flight proves to be a serious company, attended the recommendation of make a public statement that makes it clear that what happened with the case of the F28 is not their fault, as well as the reality of developing for Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox.

Thanks for clarify that there is no upcoming date… or any date… for the product to be available (like many others products because aren’t products of Microsoft or Asobo)


Small question about the AP in the F28.
I’m descending in PITCH mode at IDLE (and HDG) but if I press IAS the plane levels-out instead of pitching to keep speed.
What can be wrong?

I own the F28. But the new version shows up in Marketplace as new payware, and not in Content Manager as an upgrade.

I have mine in my Addons Linker folder. Could that be causing this issue?
Does it have to be installed in the Official folder?

If you bought it from Just Flight directly, you should completely ignore the marketplace version. It is a separate product from the one purchased from JF. Marketplace has no integration with products purchased separately.

The version you purchased from JF will always be updated faster than the marketplace version, too - possibly by weeks.

Unless I misunderstood your post, in which case I apologize.

That’s probably what happened.
The fact that mine is not in the Official foider is a big clue. :wink:

Off to Just Flight to check for the update.

ETA: I guess there’s no update, and I’m just confused.