Just Flight Hawk T.1

Each to their own. It’s a fantastic aircraft. Looks and sounds fantastic and great systems depth. Very much hands on as well and steam gauges is something a lot of people prefer.


I can only speak for myself but price doesn’t come into it. It’s the most alive and hands-on. I enjoy the modern FBW jets for a bit, but they feel numb compared to this where you really have to FLY it.

I like the less assisted planes I guess. The Fouga Magister is another one that flows nicely. Not too much “tech” as amazing as those aircraft are for their capabilities, I just prefer a bit more old-school.

Looking forward to the flight model improvements here though!


Its the best modelled fast jet the sim has. Every inch of it is a work of art. Its also got the most realistic jet audio of any fast jet in the sim. It sounds LOUD, and that something even the very best of all the other fighter jets in the sim struggle with.

It has near full systems simulation so its pretty much study level. Plus there’s the little details like the pilots visors reacting to the weather conditions. It all comes together to make it head and shoulders above all the other fast jets available.

Its not my favourite fast jet to fly. Nothing can get me away from the Indiafoxtecho MB-339 but the Hawk is undoubtedly the best.


No doubt you are all right.
However, I personally never really warmed to the Hawk.
In fact, today I prefer to fly the Goshawk.
I agree with the MB-339, which is also one of my favorites.
But I also like the Gina and the Lawndart.
I’m having the most fun with the Harrier at the moment, it allows me to take off and land where no jet has gone before.

I’d love a GR3 Harrier, but tempted to give the GR9 a go.

I know what you mean and can agree that it is worded somewhat dramatic. Of course I can take the aircraft and fly from A to B, no problem. But what I mean is I can’t take the aircraft and fly it like a fast jet in a realistic manner, because that necessitates pulling g, it’s the essence of how such a jet is manoeuvred when flying the procedures it is designed to do.
And that’s the problem, I can’t pull g without an extremely bouncy / spongy response from the aircraft. So it’s unflyable in the way it was designed to fly.

Now JustFlight have said that they are aware of the issue and are working on rectifying things. That’s great! But that was months ago, and they’ve gone silent on the topic, meanwhile people still buy the product without knowing that it’s flawed right now. That’s not right either.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the product, it’s best in class (fast jet aircraft) when it comes to systems, sound and modelling, it’s absolutely stunning. But it doesn’t fly right and JF has gone silent for months. Hence me saying that they need to give us an update on things.


Just Flight are probably waiting for the Sim-Update 12 final build to be released, so they can test their improvements to the Hawk flight model.
Ps. I hope they sort out the wobbling / oscillations that currently occur when you make rudder and elevator inputs at high speed.

I get that with all of the fast jets. I think its an issue with MSFS.

Apologies for the lack of activity from me in recent weeks, it’s been a very busy time for development as we update/upgrade our existing aircraft (PA28s, Hawk T1 and 146), as well as working on the upcoming aircraft (RJ, F28 etc).

All our MSFS aircraft remain in ‘active development’, including the Hawk T1, so those aren’t being neglected even if we’ve not been regularly replying here (often the opposite). As you can see above, we recruited a group of community members to help evaluate our flight model changes, and we’ve so far been through 3-4 of those updates per aircraft in the quest to address the issues. We’ve also been working on various other bug fixes and improvements during that time, e.g. integrating our more functional EFB tablet from the 146.

The problem we’ve had with giving timescales for the flight model updates has been the uncertainties caused by waiting for input and changes from MS/Asobo, collating feedback from all our testers and evaluating what further work is required etc. We appreciate that it’s been a long process and as ever we’re working to bring you the update ASAP, although like others have said, we don’t agree the current version is unflyable by any means.

I’ll reply again very soon with more information.

Martyn - Just Flight


Hi Martyn

Sorry to ask a question which you have probably been asked a million times, but now that WASM is imminent on xbox are you still planning to bring your products to that market?

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Yes, absolutely. We’re in the process of testing now and so far, so good!

Martyn - Just Flight


I just passed out… You have made my day sir


@NORTMAR Really looking forward to this coming to Xbox waited over a year already! Hopefully not long after SU12 releases :crossed_fingers:


Ironically much of the harsh control snappiness, lack of weight and the excessively sharp bumping around in a large number of MSFS aircradt seems to be caused by excessive stability. I’ve tried just zeroing both the artificial stability ( which tries to keep the aircraft pointing the same way relative to airflow, it feels like - so local intermittent changes in that, ie bumps, will move it more the bigger the number ) & the gyro stability which tries to keep it pointing the same way relative to the planet, and… without any exception on aircraft with CfD flight models it’s felt better. Of course then you hhave to go and set up all the aerodynamics again :S . There’s still too much aero rresistance at times even in the CfD model, IMO, but ignoring some game suggestions in the weight/MOI area ( which are pure conjecture anyway ) seems to help there too - possibly just making the atmosphere thinner might also, but then that effects literally everything else & I’m not mad enough to go there on an existing plane.

And on top of that there’s this new turbulence model coming. I’m glad I don’t do this for money!


I just took out hawk for a spin yesterday after some time and takeoff in crosswind is insane. I tripled rudder_effectiveness in flightmodel config and with 15 knots crosswind I still need to use diffential braking together with full rudder and Throttle very slowly increasing to keep plane at centerline (sort of). If I’ll keep aircraft on brakes until full throttle and then release, it just go into wind immediatelly without much of control (other than braking). I fly other trainer/fighter jets and nothing has this problem.
I flew with AP and constant wind changes from 15-30 knots in split-second really make flying unbearable. But I guess this is new fantastic gust feature and not really fault of hawk. In other jets (like F-35), this is still very present but it’s little more stable.
Sorry to say, but at the moment Hawk is really unflyable for me. I have over 200 hours on Hawk and it was really enjoyable some time before, I hope some things will improve.


Amazing news for Xbox users, absolutely amazing.

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Try reducing yaw_stability instead - I haven’t actually messed with the Hawk ( well very little ) because I’m using the beta FM, but reducing the axis _stability settings reducesthe effects of gusts & turbulence. Try zeroing them, even. They hold the plane stable vs relative wind as far as I can see, so if there’s a big gust they’ll rotate the plane… not terribly stable.

Same here, in a crosswind, it is unflyable to keep on the runway. Set clear skies and no wind and it is great to fly.

I have some experience with tuning stability parameters on other planes, IIRC adverse effect for this is that airplane “vibrate” (I can’t find better word for this, it seems its doing microcorrections extremely fast). Took me a while to make it bearable together with MOI settings. It’s not easiest thing to get right. To be honest, I’m done with spending my time on fixing aircraft instead of flying, so at the moment, I just fly another jets (so many good are available).

There is a possibility that the aircraft oscillates if there’s not enough aerodynamic damping, but if it’s got half decent aerodynamics - ie isn’t set up unstable & the artificial stability set to hold it in place - then it should still fly fine, just possibly a bit aggressive with axis changes. For a CfD model, that is, I wouldn’t go near the legacy ones for anything… I can’t remember if the live Hawk FM is CfD or not.

And yeah, I find myself spending far too much time fixing & not enough just flying & I don’t like it :S