Just Flight Hawk T.1

All Tim’s comments on flight behaviours have been noted. The original release fuel consumption was defined from a few (high, mid, low level and combinations of) routes and expected fuel quantity remaining when entering the circuit that he provided for us, and it was accurate at all flight levels. Any reduction in that accuracy has come from undocumented engine.cfg changes in the core sim.

As per the comment above, it will be subject to a full FM rebuild which has started but will not be rushed.


That was also the first time Tim fired up MSFS. He had settings on which he complains about. Likely had fuel consumption turned off. But I thought his comments about how the aircraft handled on approach interesting.

Thanks for that it was the Tim Davies youtube video on your Hawk that prompted my post re fuel consumption and it’s nice to know you are taking it into consideration as it’s easily my favourite MSFS aircraft :slight_smile:

I had the JF summer sale email today but quickly disappointed that the Hawk isn’t on the list.

Same here.
I also wouldn’t have minded grabbing the F-4 Phantom on sale.

I’m waiting on the Tornado. I used to love the one back in 1993. It ran in MS-DOS and needed 600k of free ram - that was a challenge back then…
Looking forward to what JF will achieve given the depth of their Vulcan, etc.

The ground hugging radar will be a blast in MSFS (hopefully).


You also need to remember with the fuel consumption figures that Tim is referencing kg/m whilst the default in msfs is US Lbs/m and the sims metric conversion isnt always accurate so JFs fuel figures maybe closer thsn you expect

I went old-fashioned and flew the routes and altitudes Tim gave us a stupid number of times and adjusted so that they all gave the correct reading on the aircraft’s fuel gauge when joining the circuit.

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@NORTMAR @CajolingRain44 when can we expect the update? And can you also add the 60 diamond season livery?

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I can put that livery up on FS.TO if it isn’t part of the update.

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That would be awesome thank you!

Hmm, looks like someone has already posted on FS.TO.

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Oh yeah I couldn’t see that yesterday thanks!

We don’t have a date set in stone for when the update will be released. It will be released once we are confident that the feedback we have received has been addressed.

We are looking at adding a few extra liveries to the product in the next update.

Mark - Just Flight


Thank you :slight_smile:

@NORTMAR @CajolingRain44 Is this correct? I see no difference in the external camera distance

Screenshot 2024-07-05 235532

No, Asobo have since changed the method for controlling the default camera distance from the aircraft.

You will need to add a ‘external_camera_distance’ value (in feet) to the top of the cameras.cfg if you want to override the default distance (info here). A value of 45 feet looks about right to me.

eyepoint = -9.5, 0, 3.5; (feet) longitudinal, lateral, vertical distance from reference datum
external_camera_distance = 45;

This change will be included in the next update.

Martyn - Just Flight


That worked! thank you so much

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These session are fun if anyone is interested.

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