Just Flight Hawk T1 throttle not working

Hawk throttle doesn’t work unless I first do a flight with a standard plane, e.g. the JMB. I can use keyboard to change throttle, but touching HOTAS WARTHOG throttle resets throttle to zero. I think MB-339 might have the same issue, but unfortunately I don’t have time to test it better.


Mapping Throttle 1 Axis instead of Throttle Axis fixes the issue.

I have just seen this issue also using the Logitech g saitek pro flight yoke system.

With the Beta “sim_update_vii_update - Sim Update VII” enabled through Steam, several of my 3rd party aircraft the throttle no longer works using the Logitech Flight Yoke. They do however continue to work if I use my throttle on the PC connected Xbox controller.

As soon as I leave the Beta version, it all works ok again. I have confirmed it several times.

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A problem with some 3rd party aircraft was introduced in the beta where moving the sliding throttle on many joysticks can cause the aircraft throttle to set to zero. This is what you are seeing with the Hawk.
A work around is to reassign your joystick throttle from “Throttle Axis” in the MSFS Controls Options menu to “Throttle 1 Axis”.
Edit - Sorry. see the fix was already posted above, so I gues you tried it and it didn’t work.

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