Just Flight Hawk Throttle dont work

After the lost Update , the Trhottle in the Hawk dont work.
It happen also by a Buddy…somone others with that prob?

Think you need to remap it to ‘Throttle 1’.

This is a base sim bug affecting many: - Certain Aircraft Require Throttle 1 instead of Throttle Axis

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Thank you for the information.

I sent an email to Justflight yesterday and they replied to me today, they are aware of the problem and it is in progress. I trust JF that they can fix it quickly.

Why not just change your controls?

Dont work for me with Axis 1 ;).

Gosh, Im feeling stupid. Can’t get this to work at all. Do I need com set another binding for the throttle? I dont wanna change what I have but maybe I can complement with another input so I have two for my thrust-slider? Any A, B, C for this? What else is odd on this machine and is a new version on its way?

Soon 2 month ago… they are not the fastest.

Since the last update from JF it works perfectly again for me…

And unlike other developers, I trust JF.

They bring regular updates and keep theyr planes up to date.

I actually got it to work now. Case closed. =)

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Nice to hear, gratulations.