Just flight pa-28 arrow unable to start gns430


My gns 430 is desperately black, how do I start it??. My livery is N751LU

Yesterday with the french one it was working??

Same here, never worked from first and second download, Please advise when you locate the issue.
Thank you.

Please take note of this little snippet from the known issues of Sim Update #3:

"On rare occasions, Aircraft screens might not initialize correctly upon loading a flight. Please restart the flight to fix the issue."

So it has probably nothing to do with the Arrow, but with Flight Simulator in general.

I did this several times this afternoon and followed with reboots of the whole system, but to no avail. The Mooney was similarly affected. Strangely, the Arrow was downloaded straight after the main update and worked well for that session. More work to do here and will report back if anything of note is found tomorrow.

24 hrs later… Fixed. A new instance of the 430/530 Mod has done the trick, or so it seems at this point.

You are correct, It is a Sim issue, I have tried several times what you suggested, but it did not change anything.

That is strange. I had that issue on my very first flight with the Arrow, but it has been working fine ever since. Maybe another issue after all.

I don’t see how that could be possible

Do you have any other mod installed? In case of the GNS530 mod, please update it.
Other than that, flipping BAT+ALT switches from cold&dark should lighten up the GNS.

^— this. Delete your old mods, which are incompatible with Sim Update 3.

At the beginning, the battery voltage is 12V, which can drive GNS components normally, but reset the battery on the maintenance page of EFB, the voltage can only reach 8.8V, after charging the battery voltage is only 9.3V, and it cannot drive GNS to work. This is a JF BUG. A manufacturer known as MSFS has been developing for 20 years.

On several aircraft, the only sure way I could get the avionics to start 100% of the time is to use control-e combo - I hate doing this but got to until this issue is looked after.