Just Flight - PA-28R in MarketPlace?

Hi All, wonder if there are any plans to add Just Flight PA-28 to the MSFS Marketplace any time in the near future…or when if it’s in the roadmap.


Why do you want to buy it from the marketplace when you will get better and faster support directly from Just Flight?


Personal choice. Why would you want to buy it from the marketplace, and get a product that your aren’t free to modify as all the important files are encrypted? That’s my choice.


You get your planes transferred to the game on Xbox as well maybe?


The reason I’m asking is mainly because it’s manily related to payment. For some bank stupid reasons/policies (I’m not in the US or EU), I cant buy directly from JF as my credit card gets bounced, and the bank doesn’t have a solution for me (spent hours talking to them), whereas I can buy directly from marketplace with no problem whatsoever as well as from other sites.
I would rather get directly from the vendor, but in this case I gave up, and my only hope is to get it from Microsoft (with all pros and cons of it that we already know).

Wondering if you ever tried to set up a PayPal account? JF does accept them as a form of payment now.

Same here. I prefer marketplace too!


Set up a PayPal account, I use it myself and it works great.

One reason I have come up with in my own experience is buying from the marketplace makes it easy to keep track of all my addons and install them again if needed. I have a gang of addons like PDX from flightbeam, which requires contrail to download, I have a few ORBX sceneries, which come from it’s installer, I have the F-15 and Arrow from Just flight which I need to login and download the installers for. Add to this, if there are updates for any of these from 3rd parties I need to check for the updates availability then log in or fire up the installers in order to get the updates. With the marketplace I just get the update when it’s available, which is pretty convenient.


I get an email from all third-party add-ons that I own when an update is available, but the most important thing is that my add-ons will not be encrypted, as they will be if I buy them from marketplace.

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And emails from multiple vendors is better how? Also, you keep using the word “encrypted” which they are not. I have full access to all of the planes I have purchased in their respective folders, not that I need it, but they are right there. So what’s all this encrypted nonsense.

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Do you mean planes from the marketplace?

Yes, if your question was a response to me, the forum doesn’t really make it clear. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, so in that case yes they are encrypted, or protected if you will. Not all the files are accessible, as they are wrapped up in an encrypted archive, and cannot be modded as you could one from a third party site. The files simply cannot be found, as they are locked away. I have the JF Arrow, but bought from elsewhere. From memory, inside I would have an “aircraft.cfg” file, “systems.cfg”, and “flight_model.cfg”.

You probably won’t see some or all of those in your install.

If the reply is right under yours, and doesn’t have a name at the top right of the post, then it is a reply to the post immediately above it. I’ll add a reply to the post below this, then delete it, to show you the difference.

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The biggest difference between buying direct versus marketplace is not actually relevant here.

Aircraft like the Fiat G91 are “de-miled” the gunsight and the ability to drop the bombs which is a feature of buying direct has been removed on the marketplace versions.

The PA-28 never had any guns or bombs in the first place so that is irrelevant in this case.

You were the only one to bring up weapons, so you are right it is irrelevant.

The biggest difference really is the DRM protected nature of content from the Marketplace, not whether Asobo would or would not remove weapons from a Piper Arrow.

Any plane that is put on the Marketplace is protected from copyright infringement, which has the unfortunate side effect of locking away important files from modification. I won’t buy any more planes from the Marketplace unless it is the only possible source. I’m happy for scenery, airports, and the like as I am unlikely to want to modify those.

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Like @Torman040671 mentioned - there’s the assumption ( for whoever cares ) that content purchased from the Marketplace will automatically be available on the XBox version of the game when it comes out. Whereas anything in your community folder on PC probably won’t be available on XBox.

Obvious downside of the Marketplace is waiting an extra 10 days ( unless your Aerosoft ) for products or for updates to be available. Also - there’s a fear that you only have a receipt for the money you spent and not that actual product… so if your cloud profile was wiped out - you wouldn’t have proof that you bought a specific product - only spent X amount of money.

They also need to do a better job of showing you when an update is available - like an alert in the main menu.

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Aircraft that are bought from Marketplace can’t be fully modified as the ones you buy from outside ,all products that are put on the Marketplace is protected from copyright infringement.


This is a valid question. I’m curious about it myself. Does anyone actually know? It would be nice to get an answer rather than some irrelevant side commends. Paypal what? You can also use PayPal with a Microsoft account and use that for purchases in the marketplace…

Side comment. Standardization of the sim experience was something that I was really looking forward to with MSFS2020. Do these people really get e-mails from 3rd parties? I have a fair amount of purchases directly from 3rd parties (Aerosoft, FSDT, X-Plance Org Store, PMDG, FSLABS), and unless you are monitoring their forums like a sim junkie you probably will miss an update. Heck with the latest 777 updates from PMDG, I got 0 notifications from Aerosoft, even better once the patched version was live, it still showed the old version. Simmarket is really the only reliable place where I have gotten update notifications, that and Orbx does a wonderful job.

Regardless I would like to know if JustFlight plans on selling its content through the marketplace… I’m fairly sick of:

  • Unsigned, jenky software installs.
  • Malware notifications that devs refuse to fix and say it’s “normal”. Look at FSlabs a couple of years ago, intentionally putting malware out to fight “piracy”, check out the RXP GTN750. At least the marketplace enforces some kinds of code standards to ensure things are not just shotty.
  • The rating system on the marketplace doesn’t get randomly reset, or change after a version or if a dev is unhappy with their bad product.
  • Version history

I’m also sure that having availability with the marketplace will help bring in new blood and folks into the flight sim community. If they need to download a piece of software, disable AV, goto %appdata%microsoft.flightsimulartor-random. Can be a bit overwhelming and a turn-off.


Pretty much all of this. A centralised, in game market is a good system. I have purchased only a few products but they are all kept up to date in one place.