Just Flight - PA-28R in MarketPlace?

I’m not buying any addons that are not in the marketplace. I don’t want a hundred different installers in my PC… that’s why some people have all sort of issues.

I too wanted to buy this plane but did not as it’s not in the marketplace.


Same with me, will buy this plane once it’s available in the marketplace…

I hope it comes to the marketplace. I just like having everything in a central location.

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From what I understand JustFlight wants to release the Arrow on the Marketplace once the Turbo Arrow is ready, so they can be released as a package. So hopefully within the next few weeks but it’s been a little unclear when we’ll see the Turbo Arrow seemingly due to some behind the scene issues with the turboprop logic that Asobo is working out still.

They have indeed said they would release after the turbo version is done, so they can release as a package.

I don’t believe this is linked to the turboprop logic, the Turbo Arrow is not a turbo prop.

But say I’m incorrect; MS/Asobo are said to be updating that stuff in the next Sim Update, and that’s still a month or so out, so I wouldn’t expect the Arrow before then in that case.

Re: the marketplace, current issues not withstanding, you can’t deny its the way forward, and an all round better experience for consumers. I’m convinced MS/Asobo are committed to making it a success, let’s not forget this could be a nice moneymaker for them.

I buy all my stuff on either the Marketplace, or via Orbx Direct, they’re the only ones I trust and like.

Whoops I meant the simming of turbo charged engines not turboprop! I found the post from a JustFlight staff member on their forums that I was referring to:

“Bit of everything really. Yes further work required on the Arrow for the updates and also the Turbo coding work requires a fair bit more time and dedicated research work due to sim limitations around turbocharged engines. So can’t give any firm dates just yet other than to say 99% of it is wrapped up and in testing with just that extra bit still being worked on. Few weeks away possibly.”

This was 16 days ago, so hopefully there’s been some progress since then!

Any news on when this product will appear on the marketplace? Almost seems like Just Flight doesn’t want to take my money…


They want to sell the turbo version to people who already own the arrow with a discount. If the market place doesn’t support this functionality they have to wait until the turbo is ready so they can put them in a discount bundle together.

There is no other option for them.


I initially preferred the marketplace. One source, super easy download, installation , reinstallation, one login etc. Just convenient. But I am increasingly frustrated with lack of releases, delayed releases, delayed updates. Step up your game MS!


Well, then you miss out on the best addons.
Why do you prefer the worst store of all of them?

Best is a subjective term.


Okay, if you say so.

The Marketplace is not short of great addons that are worth my money, more than I can spend. If 3rd party developers want to compete for my dollar, they’ll have to come to me at the Marketplace and not the other way around.

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How funny to see the full circle. When I started developing we weren’t really expected to modify the game, so we were kind of outlaws. Fs2002 era. In those days you were forced to be external.

Then the team at MS realized that add ins were helping maintain the buzz which added sales, so we began to be more accepted. Since the aces were charged with the basic guts of the sim, stuff like photographic textures on scenery and airplanes that could spin were left to the devs.

Devs naturally formed teams as the demands of customers began to be more than any one person could do.

Some teams used business savvy to become accepted more on the inside. Orbx is a great example. At the end of FSX, the leader of orbx worked hard to gain a role with p3d and xplane, still developing, but privy to some info that wasn’t public.

But even up to this point the aircraft worth buying were external to the sim.

For the first time in 30 years of flight sim, addons were offered from within the game with this version, and folks are acting like its within their power to motivate devs to enter the den they’ve been refused entry to all those years.

Just like always, the “default” airplanes offered in this version suit folks on a surface level. Some of this versions offerings are better than previous versions, but not up to the level of the best payware.

Let’s take Carendo, as an example of a company that has produce excellent addon aircraft. They’re 182 complex Cessna was a great aircraft to learn on for FSX. Now, with this sim, they are on the “inside” and they’re version of the 182 only has mfds. I see that as a compromise, and the biggest reason I paid nearly twice more for Just flights version of the arrow when both Carrendo and Just Flight released at the same time.

I now read users gush over the marketplace like it’s a “gift”. I see it as a clumsy way to get in on the action that, by their own shortsightedness, was outlaw behaviour at the time All the devs learned their craft.

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quite the opposite for me. I “boycott” developers that release on marketplace only. So far this is carenado and the newly added LHSimulations LHBP.

Everyone how he likes it. Fortunately, this is a very small percentage and there are AddOns out there that i would call “must haves” that are not on the Marketplace (yet).

Im all for choices, if someone wants to use Marketplace only, good. But there are so many established shops out there that do a better job than the MSFS Marketplace, so i dont understand the developers that go the Marketplace-only route.

Absolutely my thinking aswell. Also, in comparison with the most used shops that have established in the last decades/years or even months (Aerosoft, ORBX, Simmarket, Contrail) against everyone of them the Marketplace would loose from the customer-POV. I really dont get the peoples that want to go the “Marketplace only” route.
There are better prices outside of the Marketplace, there are better review-systems, there are refunds, there is support, there are way more AddOns than available in the Marketplace, there are WAY faster update-releases, everyone (besides simmarket) of these stores have a “quality control” and will not accept every trash product thrown on the market.

From my POV as a customer, there is absolutely nothing that the Marketplace does better than any other store or even better, when i buy direct from the developers-website where possible, prices are even lower and i am sure im the first one who get the update to a product and the developer doesnt have to pay any fee to the store.

Its a bit about respect to the devs.

EDIT: Also there are so many external AddOns, that work stand-alone, a separate .exe, or folders that have to be switched manually, i still can not see how the marketplace will handle these kind of AddOns.


For myself the only good thing about the maketplace is that it’s easy to update without external program or download from a website.

I buy 99% outside marketplace because of modding (very important reason), faster updates. External add-on’s can be used on both Steam and MSStore versions, unlike buying from Steam/MS Store themself (both are different sku’s and not linked to your profile)

But i’m pretty sure external add-on’s will get a 3rd party protection in time, so no idea how long it’s possible to mod.

I recently suggested in another thread that I prefer the Marketplace for the fact it’s ‘fire and forget’ (purchase, download, install and update). Some interesting replies, mainly to the effect that it might be better to buy direct from the developer where possible. I dunno. I’m split on that. I can understand the reasoning and the economic argument, but then I have to weigh that against what’s easiest and most convenient for me.

On the upside, I know some 3rd-party publishers do provide automated updates. For instance, Orbx has a great app for monitoring your purchases and keeping them current (Orbx Central) - I am impressed.

But for all its convenience it’s just another app to have to load onto your system. These things add up and over time it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of endless passwords, account details, purchases from here and there, etc.

Anyone who enjoys PC gaming and has a fairly extensive collection spread across multiple publishers and their corresponding apps (I have about 7 different ones) will know exactly what I mean.


One reason for that, is it’s more safer to buy in marketplace than the website, you just buy steam card and easy to buy in 1 click. Unlike in the websites you need credit card with all your information and the risk of getting scammed (hacked).

Have you never heard of PayPal?

Yes I do, still someone keeping your info. What I use is a reloadable card ( to buy from the website) and steam card for my steam wallet. It is way much safer.