Just Flight PA-28R - List of issues or wishlist

I leave this thread for the Just Flight team to see what can be improved:


  • For some reason the buttons are not animated with the commands via external hardware, for example, BAT, ALT or the lights buttons only work if I press them with the mouse


  • Issue with the mouse pointer, you need to close the right eye to properly select a button or a switch, this does not happen with the Asobo planes but constantly see it on third party planes.

You might want to post this on JustFlight’s support forum too. They asked issues be posted there so they can keep track.


Agree with you about the buttons. Some work, some do not. Alternator, Fuel Pump, one of Beacon/Strobe, I don’t remember which. It’s really odd, but to be fair its not unique to this plane. I have the same issue with the Carenado Seminole, and their Arrow III.

For some of them, when I flip the switches while watching SimConnect events in SPAD, I will see what gets triggered. I set the button to do the same thing, and it doesn’t work. Like the Battery, two events are triggered, and I head a click, and I see the ATC window flicker, like the virtual cockpit switch is overriding it, and resetting it back to off.

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I had the same. I’m not using spad or fsuipc but a small tool called fs_tool. Anyway changing my event Id’s to toggle instead of on/off worked for most things. I have no idea if that helps or not lol

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Pros: Lower GPU load.

Cons: Corresponding reduction in 3D panel polygons.
Not nearly as clear as say the Asobo 172 Classic.
High Precision Graphics = Low Framerates

      Stall --  way to stable !!

For $45 I was expecting better — but hope it get improved from Version 1.0

Personally, I would like one in better condition – ( full “make over” !! )

If it were a choice between Just Flight PA28 and the MSFS Deluxe (with C172 Classic) + other planes, I would choose the Deluxe to spend $45 on.

Lesson learnt – will probably stay in the hanger for some time, waiting for an update.
Given the choice between flying the Asobo C172 Classic & this PA28, C172 every time.

Shame …


No problem, entitled to your opinion. Luckily so many others seem to disagree with you on this and those points. Good luck and all the best


Well, the two cursors in VR is a big deal. That alone keeps me from buying this plane.
On Twitter I even asked them before release if they tested their planes in VR, and they said yes.


On the whole I am very pleased with this aircraft. Just Flight has provided us with the most detailed general aviation aircraft available for MSFS at this time with the exception of a few issues.

To me the most important is the fact that It idles too high at 1000rpm and it will start a ground roll as soon as the brakes are released. It also requires frequent braking to control taxi speed at idle power.

Secondly I am not really pleased to be stuck with such primitive autopilot. Fortunately an altitude hold capability was provided even though that did not actually exist with that particular unit. This does bring back memories of being so appreciative of just having any autopilot in the aircraft I flew back then. However, because I have become so spoiled by todays avionics, I would appreciate the option choosing a slightly more advanced autopilot.

Finally, being really picky, inside the cockpit the foot pedals do not appear to pivot when the parking brake is set or the toe brakes are applied.


For the switches that “seem” to not work it’s because they need to be bound to the toggle function instead of on or off. Kinda weird but yeah. I fixed my Alpha by doing that.

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Why does the Attitude Indicator come alive when you turn on the master switch? Is it an electric AI? It should come up when the engine starts and vacuum pump is operating. Not with the master switch.

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It is the Carenado Arrow III that has a problem with the cockpit panel switches for the beacon and strobes. Beacon and strobes can be controlled with external switches via. FSUIPC 7 but their assignments appear to be swapped within the sim. A switch assigned to the beacon in FSUIPC 7 ends up controlling the strobes and a switch assigned to the strobes in FSUIPC 7 ends up controlling the beacon. Other panel switches appear work as expected within the cockpit and externally via, FSUIPC 7.

Having a massive problem trying to use the autopilot. I’ve read the manual and watched a really good tutorial for it on YouTube, but no matter what switch I click (any of them doesn’t matter even the altitude hold clickspot) the thing hard rolls to the left and tries to flip. I’m lost on this one.

Maybe it’s a combo of FSUIPC and the JustFlight arrow (I assume you meant JF and not Carenado). I have FSUIPC 7 but the free version for PACX so I used VJoy and Joystick Gremlin to turn the switches into momentary instead of always on switches. When I bind stuff like landing lights and strobes to “toggle” instead of off or on they work as expected. Also, Beacon worked on its own already bound to off/on without rebinding it to a toggle.

It has a bug so it’s not your fault.
What works for me is the following sequence:
Don’t touch anything of the autopilot prior takeoff.
After takeoff use the Heading bug to set it to current heading.
Then switch AP on (this will simply keep leveled flight).
Then switch HDG on (now it holds the heading).

Now you either can change the heading bug to turn or you can tune NAV1 to a VOR (make sure to dial the desired OBS) or use GPS mode and THEN switch the coupler to OMNI or NAV.

To disable autopilot don’t simply flip the AP master switch but follow this sequence:
HDG switch OFF
AP switch OFF

That’s what worked for me. Let’s hope they get the issues sorted. They already acknowledged the issues and are on it.

Good to know it’s a bug. I actually did exactly what you were suggesting here when I tried to use it. As soon as I switched it on though it was rolling hard. It even did it without it on and clicking the alt hold clickspot lol

I tend to use my Logitech Multi Panel for controlling the AP, so I am kind of cheating I guess. But I’ve not noticed any problems with using the AP so far. Altitude capture, altitude hold, heading, NAV, all seem to work.

The only thing I did notice is while in NAV mode, the AP seems to overcompensate for wind, and occasionally will correct itself. So in a left crosswind, it will be turned in to it, slowly approach then cross the line, then turn right for a bit, then back to the left again. It then repeats this cycle.

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It seems like almost any interaction with the switches and dials of the autopilot will turn it partially on. The yoke won’t be turning but aileron will be applied.
From cold&dark with state saving disabled (to avoid any leftovers from last flight), the sequence works for me reliably.

You can try and work out some other way, you will always see aileron position if the autopilot is somehow weird. At least for me that helped to find the combination that doesn’t touch the AP.

Anyway, if you can reproduce it, make a video recording and open a ticket for their support. This way they’ll hopefully catch all the combinations for a fix.

Does anyone else find the aircraft jerking around unnaturally in moderate winds?


What do you mean with “unnaturally”?
Such a light weight aircraft will quite heavily affected by turbulence (as are the Asobo C172 for example).

This is true. It does weeble its way around in Nav mode a bit. Only a minor distraction, but it would be good if it could be sorted.