Just Flight PA28 clean version

is there a possibility to have a clean version of the aircraft. I read somewhere that some textures could be taken out .

Yes, the manual explains how to switch them out. The “clean” version is in the community folder.

thanks , it works . last question maybe you do know that also: my controller TCA assigments dont really work with the justflight pa28. in casu set parking break and trimming etc.

The clean version is only for the instrument panel. The exterior and rest of the interior will stay dirty.

However I created a cleaned up interior:

You can also get that in beige, grey and blue with matching panels

If you want clean exterior you have to search. There are a few out there. But none so far of the original liveries:


Aha! I hadn’t realized that. I like the dirty version, so I haven’t really messed with it. :slight_smile: I’m still trying to figure out how to use the paint kit to create my own livery for my Air Hauler 2 company.

I can´t stress enough how wonderful your work is. Congrats!!


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Nice to be appreciated!

Totally agree! I rotate all of Archer’s cockpits in the PA28.

I installed the grey clean cockpit and very happy with it.
support you for the professional work you did.

Hey Archer, I like your clean grey interior version.
Not sure if it’s only on my side but with the latest JF PA28 update and its new introduced cover for G100 when GTN750 is selected, the new cover seems to become white.
Please have a look.
Many thanks

I think this is because Archer’s cockpit config file doesn’t allow for the new GTN750 compatibility yet. Happens on my side too using the color changed cockpits.