Just Flight PA28 crosswind landings

It’s just me, or the Just Flight PA28 suffers the same behavior of all the other default GA planes when landing with moderate/strong crosswind?
I’m referring to the severe drift in the wind direction just after touchdown, that I cannot control with neither rudder nor ailerons.
The final approach is perfectly controllable with crabbing technique, but as soon as wheels touch down, it’s like it skates on ice…


I only have an issue if the crosswind is really bad. As in, I wouldn’t land there in real life type bad. On a few occasions I ran out of rudder authority completely.

That’s not to say it is perfect, but my LSA landings in real life and in the sim are usually pretty darn similar. Including the not so great ones where touching down gives the weathervaning effect and I have to fight to stay anywhere near the centerline. I generally like those in real life because I get to have a massive crab angle on the way to the runway. I love crosswind landings.

My problem is that most of the airports in the sim give me much larger crosswinds than I ever got in real life.And that is because of MetoBlue data. I’m considering getting a METAR based weather addon.

It’s a known problem also during takeoff.
Physics on the ground is horrible.

(all planes not only pa28r even if this one is worse)


That’s really strange. In my experience the required crab angle during the approach and/or the sideslip during the flare doesn’t match the weathervaning effect at touchdown at all.

Feels like the crosswind (at least) doubles as soon as a single wheel touches the runway.


It’s a known problem also during takeoff.
Physics on the ground is horrible.

this one.
with crosswinds almost all planes are barely manageable on the takeoff run and keeping the center line on the runway is not for the faint hearted. Same goes for normal taxing, turning against or into the wind takes full rudder/nosewheel input.
I agree though that it is more noticeable on the JF Arrow.

it is a known issue at sim level but I have no idea if there is an open bug about it.

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I don’t think so, a lot of people use rudder assist and ignore this problem :frowning:

Can say more than what was written above. I’m just a real PPL for 15 years on PA28/C172/DR400/Cirrus : the flying path on approach is manageable and looks quite similar in term of sensation, but as soon as wheels touched ground you have the feeling to have a tailwheel with 90 degrees strong crosswind and the exagerate battle to imagine keeping the centerline begins.

I strongly believe that our input devices play a strong role in all of these feelings. I think sensivity and reactivness are too strong and despite the fancy graphed curve, changing with high value these sensitivity and reactivity doesn’t help finally.

If not all the fault are on the MSFS flight model + addon implemantation, I would love to have something like an approved profil by a skilled pilot. I’m just 1’000 hours real flight time and far from capable of real test. This profil would associate an Aircraft + device. For eg. Just Flight PA28 v0.3.0 + Thrustmaster T16000.


I’m not a real pilot myself, only gone through 2/3 of the PPL course and done a fair amount of touch&go with 152… but I agree with those saying that it feels like as soon as wheels are on the ground, wind physics change completely. I think that it’s unreal that one can have rudder control on approach and flare, only to loose it completely at touchdown.
We all should send Zendesk a ticket about this


Don’t understand the first sentence

With 1000hrs you are IMO very experienced and qualified!

Judging by a few youtube videos, rudder/yaw behavior is not very convincing on the JF PA-28.

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This is an example: https://youtu.be/t1HEgFTzMPo
Ok, it’s a limit situation, I know, but as you can see when the plane reach a certain speed (40?) the physics change.
It’s like a switch. Boom and plane go left or right and full rudder can’t recover it.
It happens also with other GA planes.
With airliners you can’t feel it due to their weight.

I hope this is something they can fix, it’s not limited to the JF PA-28 IMHO.

Last night I had a 9 kt crosswind straight across the runway. On approach in a crab the JF PA-28 handled really well quite realistic to experience IRL. Kicking out the crab with rudder at approx 100ft and moving to a wing down approach to counter drift felt ok too, but as soon as the into wind wheel touched down it was like having 20 kt across and difficult to keep straight.


I have been complaining about this behavior in the sim a lot. It happens to all planes in the sim. is there a thread we could vote on? If we can get enough votes, it will be visible and acknowledged.


I consider myself just as a private $pilot. The number of hours doesn’t mean I’m skill on flight dynamics. I can say I barely know how a PA28 behaves : I even flew PA28-160 in circuits with turbulence conditions at St-Barth :wink: but I’m not feeling skilled in interpreting little changes that could be made in flight models or input parameters. I think it’s a different skillset.

Good point. Would love to vote as well.

By the way, as Asobo claimed in the last Q/A, obviously we are in HARD mode and MODERN flight model :wink:

1000hrs on a GA aircraft means a lot more than 1000hrs on a LR Boeing or Airbus.

Flying LR, it can happen that you don’t get more than 1 landing per month and that’s most likely after a coupled ILS approach.

It does happen that you have to ‘fly’ patterns in a Level-D sim because you can’t achieve the required minimum number of landings in the real aircraft.

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yeah. Same by me. Isnt it strange? When i get Wind from the left side. the planes turnes left on the runway. Very strange… or not? i think the plane moves in the wrong direction

Not strange at all. That’s called weathervaning.

(The wind pushes against the vertical tail and turns the aircraft into the wind)


The Arrow does seem more twitchy than other planes. I don’t experience that extreme yaw you see sometimes in something like the C208. I think the situation that causes it to occur the most is with the wind from behind, to the left or right.

I don’t think I’ve noticed this with other planes, perhaps just not as pronounced. But I know what you mean. I’ll have rudder in to compensate, then all of a sudden its like I’m massively undercompensating. I’m getting better at anticipating this, at roughly around 60kts I think.

One thing I did try once was to not rotate but instead very high speed taxi down the centre line. :slight_smile:

When that speed was exceeded I did not experience that sudden yaw any more, it seems to happen only once just before rotation.

Once wind includes gusts, the crosswind simulation becomes very weird.

Even with the Longitude aircraft behavior becomes completely unpredictable.

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Would it be possible to graph this perhaps, with the dev. mode tools?

I would be interested to know which “force” is causing this yaw. It’s not always left, so logic would tell you it’s the wind hinting the vertical stabiliser. I might try playing around with manually configured winds with 0 gusts to see if it ever does it in that scenario.

After few tests I’ve got the impression that the gust direction can be totally different from the general wind direction, which doesn’t happen IRL and of course ruins every attempt to correct for the crosswind.

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