Just Flight Piper Arrow III looks so good!

Programmers, modelers, and animators are not like normal people. :grin: Their brains are very complex, they see connections where others may not, by default their tools treat array and frames indices as 0…n, and the visual model is usually just a somewhat simple representation of the complex systems of equations and tangled interactions going on underneath.

They are also very comfortable with abstract thinking, and using logical operators like AND, OR, NOT, XOR, NAND, and NOR. They produce code that creates testable, deterministic cases — black and white only — no gray allowed.

In comparison, most people do not have to deal with such an environment. Many people do not know that 90 degrees is East. And if you look at a compass, most just have North at the top. So is that 0 degrees, 360 degrees, or both? For an animator, is that frame 0, frame 360, or both?

If left to their own devices, you’ll often see developers internally use 0…n. The interface to their low-level model might require the same. In the case of this compass model, their first thought was probably about most optimized performance, smallest footprint, and shortest time to delivery.

Why worry about sticking with 0…n when the only people that are going to using the model are other developers who are perfectly comfortable with it?

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Version 3.0 has just been released!


I’m a pure beginner/sudent pilot and I’ll soon flight in a real piper archer III PA-28 181 (OO-SAG). I see 2 pipers are « available » on msfs2020 and i’m wondering which one would be the closest/most useful for me to sim-train on. Thank you for your help, guys !

The general consensus would probably be the Just Flight Arrow. Carenado are known for their good looking aircraft and not their systems or flight model. Seeing a lot praise for the Just Flight version in all regards and it will be the one I am grabbing. Hope this helps!

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Another edge for the JF is the ability to customise the planes interior with regard to avionics.


I’d like to bring to your attention that I’ve just updated the MSFS Mobile Companion App to support Just Flight’s wonderful PA-28R. The app is a tool that allows you to control essential aircraft instruments such as NAV/COM frequencies or autopilot using almost any mobile device.

You can download the MSFS Mobile Companion App for free on GitHub or flightsim.to . It’s free. No ads, no in-app purchases, nothing.

There is already a thread for the MSFS Mobile Companion App if you’d like to discuss the app itself: Mobile Companion App v1.6 released Mar/29/2021 - added support for PA-28R (Just Flight), A32NX EFIS, GNS430/530, G1000 [Freeware]. Just to keep this thread on topic.


No doubt about it, the Just Flight Arrow is superb and captures the relationship between power and attitude beautifully. The trim is sublime and makes it a joy to operate without the false altitude hold. If you are going to fly in the real World, the cost of this add on is peanuts.


There are two Arrows on FS2020. Carenado and Just Flight. Carenado is the new style Arrow but less items work such at circuit breakers, automatic gear extension, etc. The Just Flight Arrow works great but it is the old Arrow from the 70s. Since you’re flying an Archer, none of that stuff really matters. I would say get the one that is closest to what you will be flying. Are you flying the new Archer (LX) or the original from the 70s-80s? I would not put too much faith in either aircraft helping you fly an Archer in real life. Maybe cockpit familiarization but that’s it and that is very limited. Honestly, a cockpit poster would be very helpful or just sitting in it for a little bit with an instructor pressing buttons and turning switches. You’ll get plenty of practice doing that anyway.

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The taxiing issue seems to be due to the inability to lower the RPMs below 1,000 to 1,200. The latest update did seem to fix this a bit.

The Arrow I fly in real life has the same autopilot system and is now completely inoperable. My instructor has said it wasn’t that great when it was working. If you want precise navigation, you have to fly it by hand.


Or fix the AP. :wink:

I flew the Arrow II and I think it only had a wing leveler with roll control. You either hand flew to a new heading or used the roll control to get there, then hold that heading with the wing leveler. The roll control was puzzling at first, but it’s in combination with a stopwatch, it’s very useful for IFR holds. In VFR, it’s cool for circles around a point of interest.

But it did nothing for pitch or holding altitude. Trim was your best friend, and it was easy to trim to the desired pitch, and pretty stable as long as you didn’t change power or anything. I have flown fairly long periods without touching the trim, even in light turbulence. The plane would oscillate a little, but quickly regain equilibrium.


That has been my experience as well.

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Inability? Seems to work just fine on mine, all the way down to 700rpm almost.

Download the 3.0 version. It is fixed.

Doesn’t work for me. I have 7.7 qt. Nothing happens when clicking (have tried clicking both the refill button and the quantity). Another strange thing: I had battery voltage 12V, then hit the recharge button. That made the voltage drop to 8.8. I am using the MSFS2020 version of the plane.

That is a known limitation with the interaction with MSFS and JF can’t do anything about it.

Well if they know about such a limitation, it shouldn’t be in their product.
Why put and market a feature that has never been working from the initial release and putting blame on the sim? It just doesn’t sound right to me.

Maybe then better remove this functionality (the whole maintenance window) until the sim support it properly. Why let every customer run into issues with it?


Because 8.8V is still enough to start everything back up. So while it is a limitation, it still works properly. And users can turn off that functionality.

Well if you don’t sit a while on the ground and let the alternators load the battery, you end up in not enough power to raise the gear.
I think as long as the LV lamp is lit, it won’t operate. Happened to me when I accidentally pushed the recharge button prior takeoff.

The maintenance option was added for realism but it ends up unrealistic. Breaks the purpose for me…