Just Flight T1/A Hawk Wingtip Vapor FX

Just noticed the Just Flight T1/A Hawk has wing vapor FX that seems to be linked to airspeed and wind speed on the wing. As far as I can tell, this is the only jet that currently has this effect. I’m sure other developers won’t be far behind (similar to how planes all had tire smoke on landing added individually) I’m curious what the native MSFS Hornet will have in store.

Of note, the other flight recording program I typically use (FlightControlReplay) that records and replays in-game flights doesn’t currently capture and reproduce the wingtip vapor FX in playback flights – which makes sense as the wingtip vapor is a new “feature” specific to this aircraft and is just another variable that has to be accounted for. Makes you appreciate 3rd party developers that have to constantly update their programs whenever there are SDK updates like particle nodes.

I hope 3rd party developers and Asobo work together to streamline and communicate what particle and node fx will just be added to the in-game engine and be native for all planes vs. what fx are manually added to 3rd party airframes.


Dangit. I’m going to end up buying the Hawk, and it’ll sit right next to my Goshawk that doesn’t get flown. :frowning:

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Haha yes, that’s the flight simmer life. But… the good news is Indiafoxecho says updates for the MB339 and Goshawk are coming post SU7 and I believe he already was playing around with Gvapor FX for another one of their planes. DC Designs also commented that they were playing around with similar FX for their jets.

If you don’t already follow them (Indiafoxecho and DC Designs) on their facebook, they post weekly updates (usually on Fridays).


Oh cool! Thank you. I really should fly that T-45 occasionally. It’s a neat little plane. I do follow them on Facebook, it’s just that they get buried amongst the sewage. :frowning: I’ll have to remember to check their pages!


Yes, this is going to have to happen for me too… I was not going to get the Hawk since I have the Goshawk… Wing Vapour in VR changes everything, especially when practicing BFM and aerobatics… ahhhhhhhhhh… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_monocle:

“they get buried amongst the sewage.” Thats the biggest reason I DELETED facebook… Missing out on the DC Design and IndiaFoxTecho news… WE NEED VAPOR trails and vortecies NOW… :slight_smile:

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Personally I turn to FSElite and Threshold to stay on top of what is going on with flight sims and addons.

Honestly, I tried it at my friends house and glad I didn’t buy it. The Goshawk is phenomenal enough for me. Unless you fly these type of aircraft a lot in the sim, there’s no need to spend all that money on this one. But for someone that doesn’t own the goshawk, the choice is easier to make.

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LOL, I use FSElite as well, but there news updates have been lacking since they did some server migrations recently.

Oh, my apologies!

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Yes! very much looking forward to wing vapor, wing tip vortices and clouds making wings disappear.

Hopefully all will be added to the sim!

Also there is the red arrows smoke which is very nice for aerobatics, both visually and to see how accurately you are joining loops etc.

Also the hawk is incredible in VR, well optimized and excellent view. You may resist a little longer but you will get the hawk and won’t be disappointed :grin:

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