Just Flight Warrior II - carb heat effect delayed

I posted my question on JustFlight’s forum but don’t seem to go anywhere.

After starting the JF Warrior II, at the holding point normal procedure is engine run up test, including by pulling down the carb heat. At which point, the RPM drop - immediately - by a certain amount (20-100RPM IRL with this aircraft).

In my case, the drop doesn’t occure immediately. It occures after about 20-30 seconds which of course isn’t realistic. I uploaded a video here.

What could be the cause of the problem ?

So far, here’s what I did which didn’t solve the issue:

  • remove everything else from the community folder
  • try to change all the assistance options, one by one
  • try the legacy flight model

Any idea ?..

x edit: I also would like to know if other users have experienced this.

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I’ll have to boot up and test this myself later, but in the meantime I’m curious: Does this also happen if you bind a button/switch/key to carb heat off and press that? Wondering if it could somehow be an issue when manually doing it from the VC. It’s a stretch, but my first thought.

Testing this now but quick question, you say Arrow II but there’s only an Arrow III, Turbo Arrow III/IV, or Warrior II. Edit: Looks like the Warrior II, should have guessed that from the lack of a prop lever!

Ok, so I am getting an immediate response to RPM from the carb heat lever, about a ~50 RPM dip that takes around 1-3 seconds to settle. This is immediately after starting the engine with full rich mixture (at an airport 2000ft AGL) and with 1800 RPM to start (I noticed as a side note that the parking brake will not hold the Warrior at 1800 RPM!)

For reference, here are all of my (maybe) relevant settings for you to compare. Most importantly, note that I have nothing at all bound to any of my anti-ice controls which is the carb heat binding. Good luck and let me know if anything helps!

@Stardrifter2232, thanks a lot for the response, appreciated you took the time to provide all this !

Yes the airplane is the Warrior II, my bad :person_facepalming:, I have now edited my post/title to avoid confusion.

I have replicated all your above settings one by one, and this didn’t solve the problem.

I have also assigned the carb heat lever to a button on my yoke as you suggested, same problem.

On a side note, the parking break does hold my plane including at full throttle.

SU10 is going to be released in a few days I believe. I will take this opportunity to uninstall and reinstall everything. May be I accidentally did something that creates the problem… and take it from there.

Again, thank you for the response.


Maybe when SU10 releases, we’ll be reversed and my parking brake will work but my carb heat will be delayed :laughing: