Just Flight Warrior II - more rpm drop with carb heat ON

Does anybody know if there’s a parameter in one of the cfg file that would let me increase the rpm drop when the carb heat is On ?


I don’t.

But, I’m wondering why you would want too? Seems about the same drop as is in the Warriors I fly…
Not that I don’t respect your desire.

Edit: Actually, if you check the engines.cfg, you could probably increase the carb_heat_delta_temp value.


The PA28 I fly back home has significantly more drop than that. JF’s seems to be modelling - as far as I can see because it’s a really, really small drop - in the 10rpm area. I initially thought it wasn’t modelled, but after zooming in very closely, I indeed see the drop.
I’d like to increase this to 75-100rpm which is what I observe personnally.

This is not a world class problem and just trying to match for more realism, for me.

  • edit: see your edit. Let me try. I did search for “carb” in engines.cfg and it had returned nothing, but I do see this field indeed now that you mention it in full, how strange.

@FlyingsCool5650 It worked ! I changed the carb_heat_delta_temp parameter from the default 27 to 80, and do get an 80rpm drop now. Thanks for the suggestion, appreciated :+1:.

Let me ask something else.

There is an option on the EFB to display both GTN750 and 650. So, I installed the PMS50 module, and it works as intended.

However, the PA28 I’m flying is fitted with the 650 model only.
Does anobody know how to:

  1. remove the 750 model from the panel, and
  2. move the 650 around the panel to the location of my choice (which will be where the 750 presently is actually)?

I spent part of yesterday afternoon fiddling with the panel.cfg file but couldn’t figure out how it works
and what to change to achieve what I want.

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did you try swapping the htmlgauge00 code between VCockpit09 and VCockpit10 in the panel.cfg file?

I’m not sure how well it will work, as the 650 is only 290 pixels tall, and the 750 is 768… But you can play with those numbers and the location in the background.

Yes I tried that and a few other things. Including simply trying to remove the gauges using // and see if they disappear but I don’t seem to be able to figure it out. The way gauges are positionned on the panel seems to be done differently from FSX with simple coordinates. It’s as if some of it has to be done outside the panel.cfg file.

Yes, in most situations it is totally different from FSX. Not to mention JF has done special programming in the plane to support multiple configurations.