Just Flight's Warrior

Where is the Just Flight’s Warrior ?


Not out yet, I have a feeling it will be out around the next sim update.

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I have all their Arrow products so got the e-mail discount notification 5 days ago and in it they say that it “will be on sale next week (week commencing 19th July)” so I am hoping that it will either be released today or they are waiting until the 3rd update Thursday and publish on the Marketplace and Just Flight at the same time. Either way, last we know is it should be this week sometime. Hope this helps!

Discussions about third-party addons go in the Third Party Addon Discussion category. I have moved your topic there.

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For those of us flying the Arrow(s) we’ll be able to get the Warrior for a 25% discount. Just Flight is a class act, in my humble opinion, and they are good communicators.


Thanks for adding the info about discount amount, forgot to mention that, just that there was a discount email lol.

They really are a good developer. Great products and good pricing plus discount for loyal supporters. I am torn on if want the Warrior but given the discount and slow flow of new aircraft currently may just go for it!


OK Thanks for all your reply’s folks.

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I find myself checking their page twice daily since having a go in one IRL! It’s a fantastic plane to fly.
If I remember correctly they like to release after an update to avoid anything potentially breaking their aircraft. With access to beta now I’m going to assume they will release at the same time as the update as it will be specifically built for it.

@Azza7180 I know the feeling of checking pages daily. I check all the main pages at least 3x a day. It’s pointless checking so often but wastes some time!

That was my original thought too as quite a few others have postponed their new products until post WU5 on the 27th but they sent an email last week saying week commencing 21st and haven’t said anything else so if they are going for after an update, it will be the 3rd Party update tomorrow.

Edit: I just checked my account and the discount code has been added so searched on the site and the page with price is up so it’s very nearly out!

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I wonder if they release it before 27th or not.

Well… It appears to be out now!

Happy flying :wink:

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yes, I have already bought it with the disccount code…happy flying with the warrior!!:smiley:

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How different is it to the Arrow to fly in sim? I am tempted given the discount and love Just Flights Products but still will be about £20 and I’m not too sure if worth it when seems very similar

Just downloaded it, to bad I have to wait until later, before I can fly around.

Well, it flies as expected from a warrior (this aircraft is very special to me because it was the one I used when I started flying for real lots of years ago).

From my pov it flies nice, as expected, slow and stable. Sounds are nice. Interior is more or less the same as the arrow, but here we know we are flying something different and behaviour obviously is different. I like it!


Different AP controls. And regardless if I put a weight for Pilot2 the aircraft CG behaviour responds to the copilot setting on the tablet only.

It’s a slower, non-retractable Arrow. As @Koenig4416 noted, it’s important to a lot of people because they either learned to fly in it, or, like me, am currently renting them. So, until I purchase my own plane, I’ll be flying this a lot. It’s going to let me go through my pre-flight just like I do.

Now, if they could only add:

  1. when you open the oil door and you get close, the oil stick pops out and shows you oil level (I don’t know if they let you do this on the Warrior as it doesn’t have a separate oil door, you have to open the engine compartment).
  2. Have an option to pop the fuel covers, and when you lean over, you can check the fuel level against the tabs

:wink: :slight_smile:


Yes to confirm our Warrior is now out. Sure most of you are aware but there’s a discount offer for Arrow owners and owners of the original Warrior for P3D?FSX. You should have received your email about this with details on how to claim your discount.

Also just in case it helps, here’s a quick list of some differences between the Arrow and the Warrior. Much commonality of course but they are different in many aspects, hope this helps.

• Equipped with a Century 21 autopilot versus the AutoControl III B in the Arrow
• A carburetted rather than fuel-injected engine, with functional primer (with priming requirements varying depending on OAT and engine temperature) and carburettor heat controls
• Avionics power circuit and emergency bus controls, offering more control of the electrical system
• Wheel fairings which can be toggled via the EFB and affect drag, and therefore airspeed
• Equipped with the 160HP Lycoming O-320 engine, with engine and cockpit sounds recorded from a real Warrior
• Eight new liveries, including the unique G-SIXT scheme with BOAC/BEA colours
• Differences in panel configuration – layout of gauges (e.g. engine, EGT, suction and ammeter), additional intercom controls, engine primer and carb heat, no propeller lever and more
• A more worn interior, exactly like our real-world research aircraft that has flown many hours as a trainer
• Differences in flight dynamics due to the smaller engine, wheel fairings, lower aircraft weight etc




I can´t turn on the GPS, and the clock on the flight yoke doesn´t light up! Also, I have some trouble firing up the aircraft using my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke. The aircraft doesn´t start when I keep it on the “start” position by using the yoke control, I have to select “both” on the magnetos and then put the control on “start” by clicking and holding with the mouse. Anyone experiencing the same issues?

Well, I´ve found the switch to turn on the avionics, but I can´t turn them on with the “avionics” rocker switch on my Alpha Yoke.