Just had an update to

Anyone know what’s in it, haven’t seen any mention oif it yet on the forums

I got it too. Most likely release notes have not been published yet.


release notes New Update - Release Notes (August 12, 2022)


Seems a strange way to do it, thought they’d put the release notes up before they release it. Hopefully they fixed the HDR issue among a few other things :slight_smile:

Good to see the VR World Scale bug fixed and the Exposure one (although need to test this), hope the performance is back to the first SU10 build and I have fingers crossed that other regressions in this beta overall are still being worked on for another update.

Hope it will fix my main menu. Since yesterday options and content are just empty with the hangar in the background. I already deleted all three fs-base…ui files in the main content folder without success. I fear having to reinstall everything. Once at home I will know…

Yayy lets go !!!

New client from Store, and 566 Mb for content manager installer updates.

I honestly can’t understand why performance and DLSS improvements aren’t included in this release considering that there’s only 6-7 working days left before launch.


It is possible there will be a new Nvidia driver released to support MSFS with DLSS which might improve performance.

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I just booted up the sim in light of your post… I don’t have any update yet :frowning_face: I’m in Denmark and on the Steam version.

exit steam all the way and then restart it, you should have it I have here in the states…

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That did it, thanks. :+1:

Update was painless and quick. Just took a quick flight in a wee 152 around the neighborhood in the PNW. Performance in VR (G2 WMR) seems good, the contrasting lighting effect seems gone or better now. So far so good. I didn’t empty my Community folder and it’s 200 or so entries and no crash etc.

I’m not really doing the whole ‘Main Thread Monitoring Simulator 2022 Deluxe Addition’ FPS hard staring just yet, but using DX12/DLSS and a bunch of sharpening seems nice so far.

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Really glad about that HDR fix.

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Shame they still didn’t put the drone cam back to make the speed stay at whatever setting you previously had it.


Yes me too, I was contemplating leaving the beta because of that. Looked horrible without HDR.

Anyone having an issue with ‘Syncing Data’ on a never ending loop. Been about 30 minutes since I updated and still stuck on black the splash screen with that message.

Yeah, I did, I closed the MSFS splash screen, now I’m not even getting the splash screen at all even after multiple reboots. Horrified that I might have corrupted my install… been issue-free since launch.

edit: shut down cloudflare WARP and got the update, phew

edit2: “please insert the microsoft flight simulator game disc” – uh oh

edit3: update went ok in the end

Perf boost for me. getting just under 40fps with everything at the highest setting, including traffic, in 4k and TLOD at 300. Test was DX11 with DLSS Quality out of KJKF in a cub. Gonna see how DX12 is running next.